Kimball removes Ayotte, Bass, Guinta from GOP website, gets caught, puts them back up

As embattled NH GOP Chairman Jack Kimball fights for survival, he has taken to the web to gain a leg up on the state’s federal delegation, which is united in support of Kimball’s ouster. First, several of his allies have begun commenting on news items about the Chairman’s controversy in increasingly militant tones.

And now Sen. Kelly Ayotte and Reps. Charlie Bass and Frank Guinta have disappeared from the Republican State Committee website. Below is a screen cap of what the GOP’s website looked like just yesterday. Now go check out the site today at

It may seem a petty thing to remove pictures of the federal delegation from the homepage of the GOP’s website, but it’s also an indication of how totally committed Kimball and his allies are to defeating the state’s top elected Republicans.

UPDATE: John DiStaso reports the NH GOP is denying they took the delegation off the homepage. The staff was just updating the site, the GOP claims. Riiiiiiiiiiiight. They restored the photo of the delegation after receiving press calls.

Author: Shawn Millerick

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  • Rginnh

    Shawn Millerick you are just a “Cub Reporter”

  • Rginnh

    Question for the folks who visit the NH Journal Website (all few of you). Why have all the NH Patch Websites that have popped up in last month been smoking this site site in terms of Page Views, Visits or however you want to measure it.

    I suggest the Board of Advisers for the NH Journal call an Emergency Meeting to discuss:
    1) What is the true purpose of the Website?
    2) Is the Website best served by Shawn Millericks involvement?
    3) Should Journalistic standards be established, written and and published for all to see?
    4) Are short terms visit exposure here sacrificing the long term viability of NH Journal?