Kimball regaining the Big “Mo” with three key endorsements

Portsmouth, NH   Jack Kimball announced three more endorsements today in his campaign for NH GOP Chairman.
“I am both pleased and humbled to have earned the trust and endorsement of former Rep. Bob Giuda, Rep. Joshua Davenport and Rep. Andrew Manuse. 
As we move into the final days of this campaign it is encouraging to see that our support continues to grow.  .
We must put the policies of the Democrats failed leadership behind us and move forward in service to the people of NH.  Should I become the next chairman of our party I will work everyday to grow our membership in every county of the state, to maintain our majority in Concord, to return principled Republican leadership to the Governor’s office and to deliver NH in the race for President.”
Rep. Joshua Davvenport:
“In the heat of political battle, Jack stays even handed and grounded in conservative principles. As a successful entrepreneur, Jack knows first hand how to drive an organization. As a 40 year resident of NH,  Jack understands what makes this state great. Jack Kimball is a proven leader and a staunch defender of liberty, and is the only candidate capable of uniting the business and liberty factions of  NH Conservatism. It is my honor to endorse Jack Kimball for the position of NH GOP  Chair.”

Joshua Davenport
New Hampshire State Representative
Rockingham County District 12 (Newmarket, Newfields)
Rep. Andrew Manuse:
“I am urging all state committee delegates to back Jack Kimball for the job. Jack ran an honest campaign for governor and made it clear he would always adhere to the state’s founding principles of individual liberty, personal responsibility, free enterprise and limited government, which are embodied in our state constitution. He’s a strong leader and businessman with a record of launching a million-dollar organization from the ground up. His grassroots organizing skills will keep the momentum of Republicans going in New Hampshire as he works to convince more independents, libertarians and conservatives to find their home in the GOP. Jack can use the same organizational skills to unite new Republicans with those who have always been loyal to the party. This will ensure a strong, cohesive GOP that can improve on its election victory of 2010 and restore the values and ideals that will lead the state back to prosperity and freedom. Again, please support Jack Kimball for GOP Party Chairman. The people of New Hampshire are demanding leaders such as Jack and are now counting on you to do the right thing to ensure Republican victory in 2012 and beyond.”

Republican State Representative
Rockingham District 5

Author: Shawn Millerick

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  • Geordiefoley

    Interesting but only one of the three votes at the State Committee