Kimball petition signature violates GOP bylaws, could get him ousted

By signing a petition to allow the Libertarian Party on the ballot, New Hampshire Republican State Chairman Jack Kimball may also have signed his political death warrant.

There is photographic evidence of Kimball having signed the petition, which was published by WMUR’s James Pindell last week. By signing that petition, Kimball disqualified himself from serving as an officer of the Republican State Committee according to the Committee’s bylaws.

The photo kicked off a torrent of e-mails and phone calls over the weekend between Republican executive committee members and other GOP leaders expressing outrage that the Republican Chairman would aid another party, especially one that regularly siphons off votes from Republican candidates.

Critics say Kimball’s petition signature violates the so-called “Mirski Amendment” – the section of the bylaws that prohibits registered Republicans who lend their name to a candidate from another party from serving as an officer of the Republican State Committee.

The relevant section, Article I. Section 4a., reads:

“4a. Any registered Republican who, at the same time joins or allows his or her name to be used in support of a political committee or a defined group of individuals that in title or effect is intended to be understood by the public to be a committee or group comprised in whole or in part of members of the Republican Party endorsing a candidate for elected office from another political party, when there is a candidate nominated by the Republican Party for that office, shall be disqualified during the then present and the next biennium from holding an office of the State Committee or any County or City Committee, from being a member of the Executive Committee and from being a member of the State Committee.”

The irony is that the Mirski Amendment was intended to weed out so-called RINOs (Republicans in Name Only), the very same people Kimball pledge to run out of the party when he ran for Chairman in January.

Additionally, other critics told NH Journal that Kimball’s petition signature violates Article I. Section 2. of the bylaws, which requires officers of the Party “to promote the general welfare of the Republican Party.”

Numerous Republican sources tell NH Journal that Republican leaders are taking Kimball’s bylaws violations seriously and that his offenses could result in Kimball’s removal as Party Chairman. We conducted numerous interviews and party officials were uncertain how exactly the rules would be enforced. The Executive Committee has the right to waive these rule as it sees fit.

For his part, NH Journal is told that Kimball is nonplussed about the controversy and thinks he did nothing wrong.

The Republican Party is still reeling from a devastating special election loss last week. Blame for the loss has largely fallen on Kimball’s shoulders.

Author: Shawn Millerick

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  • rginnh

    What a formidable force a combination of the Old Guard of the Republican Party and the Tea Party would be.

    • Voteobamaout

      Unfortunetly, we are fighting each other and those who what the TP Guy to fail are doing a diservice to the party.  But they don’t  seem to care.

    • Anonymous

      The old guard is dying and hopefully, old reporters like the amateurs who run this site and Pindell, along with them.

  • Chris Buck

    The Republican Party Platform has never been interpreted to be in conflict with political speech and the First Amendment. Members of our party are free to espouse political beliefs, without fear that they will be removed by the Party for doing so. Jack Kimball expressed the belief that a third party should be allowed on the ballot, which is not an unreasonable statement. The essence of our Republic is that the voters are the sovereign and have the final say. Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and Green Party members should all agree that no one should be ousted from their party for expressing a political viewpoint. And it should be noted that the viewpoint of the petition actually gives the voters more choice. Signing a petition is an age-old method of supporting political reforms. To say that Jack “signed his political death warrant” by doing so is just sensationalistic garbage. The NHGOP Executive Committee has the authority to waive any perceived impropriety in this case, and they should do so and let the party get on with business.

  • rginnh

    Did the Anti Tea Party Folks adequately consider that this might backfire on them?

    • Voteobamaout

      There is an old proverb: “he who digs a pit for others,  fall in it himself?.  . 

  • AndyS

     Need to get rid of the Libertarian influence in the GOP not the TEA Party. It’s the Libertarians who are pushing out the GOP’s not the TEA party folks.

  • Paul

    Repeal the windfall elimination provision, created by greenspam and ragean. A financial rope around the necks of 1.2 million American senior citizens…A disgrace to the USA, a cruel and unusual punishment to senior citizens…

  • Anonymous

    Maybe if the unethical NHJ and the slimy JP achieve their goals, we won’t have to hear from this amateur gossip rag sheet or their scumbag friend JP pimping for rumors and printing wrong or stolen information anymore.

    They will both be out of business. What a relief!