Kimball forces bent rules to secure anti-delegation petition; held vote in secret

Despite their own calls for openness and transparency, a cabal of pro-Kimball forces in Strafford County skirted rules to hammer out a petition denigrating the state’s GOP federal delegation and grossly mistreated the Party’s National Committeewoman, Strafford County Republican sources tell NH Journal.

Over the weekend, thirteen Strafford County GOP members authored and signed a petition defending Kimball and claiming Sens. Kelly Ayotte, Reps. Charlie Bass and Frank Guinta, and other Republican leaders had denied embattled GOP Chairman Jack Kimball due process and violated party bylaws in their effort oust him.

It turns out the Strafford Committee broke some rules itself in order to manufacture the petition.

Sources tell NH Journal that the Strafford GOP Committee did not properly notify all members of the county committee prior to the meeting, leaving out several members whose support for Kimball might have been questionable.

One result is that only thirteen members signed the petition, less than fifty percent of the committee (the Strafford GOP consists of 37 members) and therefore the petition does not represent a quorum as the pro-Kimball forces claim.

The petition is null and void.

Furthermore, NH Journal has learned, the vote in favor of the petition was held after the County Committee went into executive session; in other words, after they had kicked everyone else out and locked the door.

Including Republican National Committeewoman Phyllis Woods.

That’s right. According to sources, Tess Conroy booted a dedicated Republican leader like Phyllis Woods out of a meeting of the Strafford County GOP – a group she once chaired – in order to bang out a petition that doesn’t even reflect the majority opinion of Kimball’s home county.

The County GOP’s rules contain no provision for holding secretive executive sessions.

“It is rank hypocrisy on the part of Kimball and his cult to bend the rules to suit their agenda while they are accusing our delegation of doing the same,” one Strafford County Republican told NH Journal. “And their treatment of Phyllis is simply shameful.”

This is going to get worse before it gets better … or better before it gets worse, depending on your point of view.

Author: Shawn Millerick

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  • Fred Leonard

    this is the Buck Delemus & Chidister show for you…

    • Voteobamaout

      Just in case you havent figured it out already  this publication distorts and is not reputable.   Everything they assert is out of context and one sided .  Dont be fooled this them,. 

      • Fred Leonard

        in this case they are 100% accurate and I’m 100% sure I’m right…

  • Webster Independent

    How can a petition be out of order in a country of free speech and free assocation?  Your articles on Kimball have been blatantly pro-Establishment GOP and pitifully disparage those of us tea party people who want to join the GOP as the only viable alternative to the Marxism that’s in the White House and half of Congress.  Go get a real job. 

    • Fred Leonard

      it was out of order because bylaws were not followed with regard to notification of the meeting and because only 12 of the 37 voting members signed it…wake up!