Kimball declines comment on union provocation?

This is not something we expected to see.

AFL-CIO boss Mark McKenzie sat down with the Nashua Telegraph this week mostly to bemoan Republican control of the State Legislature. There’s nothing new under the sun and certainly nothing new in what McKenzie had to say.

But what happened when Telegraph reporter Kevin Landrigan sought a response from Republican Chairman Jack Kimball did surprise us – nothing.

“Republican State Chairman Jack Kimball declined to respond with a comment when asked about McKenzie’s remarks,” according to Landrigan.

Recall that earlier this week Kimball publicly called for a liberal blogger to get kicked off for saying mean things about Republicans. But now that a powerful union head, someone of genuine consequence, has lambasted the party and it’s agenda he remains silent.

Color us confused.

Author: The Editors

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  • Anonymous

    Often, revenge is a dish best served cold, as in cold-hearted cuts to balance the budget. I’d start with the “teachers” union, and work down.
    – C. dog looks south, waiting for the fireworks above das Kapitol Dome