Kimball campaign accused of “false and exaggerated ad hominem attacks”

The race for Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee is getting ugly.

The Nashua Republican City Committee is reacting angrily to an accusation by vocal Jack Kimball fan and local blogger Skip Murphy that Kimball-rival Juliana Bergeron caused a scene at a recent Nashua GOP meeting.

Murphy claimed that Bergeron and supporter Liz Christoffersen rudely “demanded” time to speak at the meeting even though she was not scheduled to do so and then proceeded to disrupt the meeting by working the room for votes.

Murphy, who was not at the meeting, writes that the women “show[ed] a blatant disregard and disrespect for the Nashua Committee in trying to make them to be bullies.”

There’s only one problem. No one who actually attended the event verifies Murphy’s second-hand account. In fact, they are lashing out angrily at Murphy.

“Liz [Christoffersen] at no time demanded that Ms. Bergeron be allowed to speak,” responded Nashua GOP Chair Andrew Cernota on Murphy’s Granite Grok blog. “County Commissioner Holden did ask me to add Ms. Bergeron to the agenda, but when I explained that we had heard from Ms. Bergeron in December, she politely said she understood. At no time was anyone disrespectful to the Nashua Republican City Committee or Mr. Kimball. Patently false and exaggerated ad hominem attacks on people who aren’t even running do not help those of us who are undecided make up our minds.”

“With all due respect, this is a gross mischaracterization of my behavior at the NRCC meeting last week,” responded Christoffersen. “I think most who know me, know I do not typically ‘demand’ things and there were no demands made by me last Thursday night. I am not Juliana’s ‘campaign manager’ but, I am a supporter and have been publicly so since late December. This morning I have talked with the members of the NRCC Executive Committee and others who were present. The general consensus is that this ‘account’ must have been made-up as it is a false portrayal of the events and the manner in which I conducted myself. A correction here would be very much appreciated.”

In a related story, sources tell NH Journal that Murphy is slated to assume the role of communications director of the Republican State Committee, replacing Ryan Williams, should Kimball win the state party chairmanship on January 22nd.

Author: Staff Reporter

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  • Anonymous

    This is total bullcrap Murphy has never been and is not now being considered for communications person.

    Don’t you check your facts or are you another rumor mill like Now! Hampshire?

  • Fast Eddie Lepinski

    having been sitting two seats away from Ms.Bergeron and heard her ask to speak I thought it was strange. Liz Christoffersen was sitting across the aisle from me and I never heard her get up and demand anything. As a matter of fact both ladies were very gracious and polite. The only oddball was the women with the fur hat on her head with the sticker that said “Julieanna.” See we Republicans take in everybody. The only drama where I sat was from the speakers who all spoke well and got everyones passon up

  • Sugar Free

    Moronic article……