Kimball’s fuzzy fundraising math

Embattled Republican State Chairman Jack Kimball embellished his fundraising prowess in a document he released to the press by claiming credit for funds his predecessor raised, according to sources with intimate knowledge of party fundraising as well as an analysis by NH Journal.

In addition, a questionable transfer of $18,000 from a separate party account on the eve of Kimball’s latest filing appears to be the only thing keeping the Party solvent.

“In the first half of 2011, the party has raised $191,392.20 in total federal receipts, not including transfers from affiliated party committees,” Kimball argued in an August press conference. “Just seven months into my tenure, (minus party transfers) I have had the 2nd best FIRST TWO fundraising quarters in the last 8 years and even surpassed the FIRST TWO Quarters in 2010 in a federal election year.”

Kimball’s figures include $57,000 in the Party’s federal account former-Chairman John H. Sununu raised in January as a goodwill gesture, leaving the Party flush.

Kimball has actually raised only $134,000 during the first two quarters, which would place him near the bottom among all past Party Chairman in terms of fundraising. And included in that total is $10,000 from Sen. Kelly Ayotte, whom Kimball claims has not helped with Party fundraising and whom Kimball’s allies attack regularly as “establishment.”

To compound matters, Kimball has spent in excess of $198,000 over that same period. More than erasing the cushion left behind by Sununu and forcing the Party to operate hand-to-mouth.

“This is the kind of fiscal ineptitude the tea party raged against during the last election,” one GOP leader told NH Journal. “Kimball has no authority to criticize Obama’s mismanagement of the federal budget after nearly bankrupting the Republican State Committee.”

Keeping the Party solvent required Kimball to infuse his federal account with an $18,000 transfer from his state account on the eve of his most recent FEC filing. Such transfers can be legal but are highly restricted because federal and state funds are raised under different rules and regulations. Just last year the Federal Elections Commission cited the New Hampshire Democratic Party for a similar transfer. The cash infusion has raised some Republicans’ eyebrows.

“That transfer better be on the up and up,” one Republican told us. “I guarantee you it’s one of the first things they’ll look at when he’s [Kimball’s] gone.”

The vote to oust Kimball will occur on Thursday night at the Holliday Inn in Concord. The meeting, which is open to the press and public, will begin at 5:30 PM. The Party’s Executive Committee is expected to vote overwhelmingly to remove Kimball but not until after getting an earful from a passionate but dwindling group of Kimball supporters. The Executive Committee is then expected to fire Kimball’s sole remaining staff loyalist, Christine Baratta. NH Journal has learned there will then be a motion to hire a forensic accountant to audit the State Party’s books.

Author: Shawn Millerick

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  • rginnh

    Tortured Use of Numbers by Millerick.

    1)The Republicans in the first six months of 2011 raised within $2,701 of the Democrats.
        Why did you not mention that?
    2) Questionable transfers are NOT Questionable. Since this is a small amount of money and IS  
        LESS than either the Republican or Democrat Parties have done going back to 2006.
        Are you lying Rick?
    3) The Republican National Committee has not sent money to the State since 2010. The    
        question that YOU NEVER ASKED is who shut it off and why?
        Why didn’t you ask or find this out?
         This is the biggest part of the whole story, You flubbed it.
    4) Money came from “TEAM SUNUNU.
    5) More money was sent by Democrat Candidates to the their State Committee than winning 
        candidates for Republicans. HUH?

    Millerick at first I thought you were just a Cub Reporter, I have revised that to a Bad One.

    Millerick when  I have to go to the FEC site myself because your numbers are not accurately portrayed is not my problem, it is your problem. Why come to this site at all when what is reported here is not reliable?
    At one point I was looking forward to meeting you. At this point who cares. Your 15 minutes are up.