Kevin Smith of Cornerstone responds to Manuse controversy

Kevin Smith, the president of Conerstone Policy Research, a conservative think tank, has responded on Wednesday to Rep. Andrew Manuse’s call to strip the Catholic Church of its tax exempt status.

“While I consider Representative Manuse a friend, his comments characterizing church leaders who engage in public policy debates as “breaking the law” are clearly misguided. Further, any attempt to strip such churches of their tax-exempt status would not only be unconstitutional, but would likely ignite an unnecessary division between church leaders and elected officials,” said Smith, whose organization is seen as generally in agreement with House Republicans.

“As a side note, I would also just say that the perceived lack of prudence and respect for the position on the part of some of the newly elected representatives this year has been very troubling and is not what I would consider to be representative of traditional conservatism. Along with being an elected official in the House, despite it being a nearly volunteer job, comes an awesome responsibility to represent the people in a manner that is both dignified and honors the timeless decorum of the institution. I understand that many in the House are new to the process this year, but that does not excuse some of the unbecoming behavior that conservatives like myself are growing very weary of,” Smith added.

Author: Shawn Millerick

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