Kasich dinged as “big government politician” on eve of #FITN Summit



Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich “announced a war on conservative economic principles when he unveiled a budget proposal that would raise taxes in the state by more than $5 billion,” according to Taxpayer Protect Alliance Fellow and Washington Times columnist Drew Johnson on the eve of New Hampshire’s First-in-the-Nation presidential summit, which Kasich is attending.

Johnson’s column is notable for its sharply-worded criticism of Kasich. For example:

Not surprisingly, the Kasich tax increase plan has been met with all the support of a drunken strumpet in church.

Both sides of the aisle have lambasted the proposal – with everyone from businesses and state and local chambers of commerce, to progressive activists and national tax policy experts dismissing the plan as gimmicky and defined more by “tax shifts” than “tax cuts.”

With all those groups in Ohio panning his policies and Buckeye State Republicans fleeing his side in droves, it’s hard to tell what his advisers were thinking by sending him through the early primary state gauntlet.

Recent polling suggests Kasich is not yet a major factor in the 2016 Republican presidential primary and, as Johnson points out, even his support in Ohio is “weaker than single-ply toilet paper.”

Author: Staff Reporter

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