Jennifer Horn, Ray Buckley spar over his primary debate comments

The state Republican and Democratic chairmen sparred over the New Hampshire Primary from afar on Wednesday.


Although NHGOP chair Jennifer Horn is in Israel with a group of fellow members of the Republican National Committee, she accused NHDP chair Ray Buckley and the state Democratic leadership of trying to “coronate” Hillary Clinton as the Democratic presidential nominee and of trying to “block” other candidates “from running in New Hampshire.”

Buckley in turn called her accusations “incoherent” and “an embarrassment.”


The primary has generally been off limits for inter-party squabbling, but Buckley’s conversation with “Hardball” talk show host Chris Matthews on Tuesday night about the possibility of a Democratic primary debate prompted the NHGOP chair to make the strong accusations. Buckley fired back with an equally tough response.


View the conversation between Matthews and Buckley below.  The video was posted on You Tube by the Republican National Committee. The New Hampshire Journal does not endorse, and takes no position on, the description of the video posted by the RNC.



Horn, commenting on the Matthews-Buckley interview, said:  “Chairman Buckley made it clear in his excruciatingly embarrassing interview that the Democrat Party leadership is attempting to coronate Hillary Clinton and block candidates like Jim Webb, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders from running in New Hampshire. Competitive Republican and Democrat primaries are good for our state and give our sophisticated electorate the chance to select the best candidates to represent each party. Democrat insiders are forcing their preferred nominee on their party because they clearly have little respect for the intelligence and judgment of their grassroots activists.”


Buckley responded:  “The TV reception must not be very good at the luxury hotel in Israel where Jennifer is staying during her all expenses paid trip paid by an American hate group. Her incoherent release is an embarrassment.”


Buckley was referring to Horn’s trip to Israel with other RNC members, paid for by the American Renewal Project and the American Family Association. The New Hampshire Journal’s full report on her trip is here.

Author: John DiStaso

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