Jennifer Horn endorses Tim Pawlenty

Today former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty scored a big Granite State endorsement today when noted conservative activist Jennifer Horn publicly backed his bid for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination. Horn, a two-time Congressional candidate who recently founded conservative action group “We The People” holds considerable sway with Tea Party groups in the state, and will be an important part of Pawlenty’s New Hampshire team.

The Horn endorsement comes at a key time for the Pawlenty campaign, which has been struggling to regain momentum after an anti-climactic performance in last week’s first New Hampshire debate.

Below is the statement from the Pawlenty campaign:

Jennifer Horn Endorses Governor Tim Pawlenty for President

NASHUA – The Pawlenty for President campaign announced today that former Republican congressional nominee Jennifer Horn endorses Gov. Tim Pawlenty for president and will be joining his New Hampshire Steering Committee.

“Jennifer has been an articulate and strong conservative voice calling for much needed reform in Washington,” Governor Pawlenty said. “I am honored to receive her support in this campaign to restore America.”

“The greatest threat to the future of our nation is a government that’s become too big to control, too expensive to sustain and too intrusive to allow men and women to live in freedom. We need a strong, principled, experienced leader and Governor Pawlenty is that person,” said Jennifer Horn. “Governor Pawlenty is the only candidate who has already solved the most critical problems we face today. There is no one in this field that I trust as much as Governor Tim Pawlenty to lead our nation forward, to protect our freedoms, grow jobs, stop the spending and return integrity to Washington.”

Jennifer Horn was the GOP nominee for the 2nd Congressional district in 2008. Horn is the founder of “We The People: A First-in-the-Nation Freedom Forum” – a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and preserving the founding principles of the nation. Horn has been an award-winning radio talk show host, newspaper columnist and small business owner. Recently, Jennifer was named the Women of the Year by the Nashua Area Federated Republican Women.

Author: Staff Reporter

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  • Anonymous

    When are we going yo hear the truth T-Paw.  Doubling down on and then raising on tax cuts that have not in the last thirty years created wealth for the working class is not being honest.  Pandering to people by telling them that spending cuts along with massive tax cuts and more deregulation will spur the economy is not telling the truth.

  • Anonymous

    As I understand it, it’s merely a personal endorsement not an endorsement from her group, which is only one of about 40 that support the tea party. The tea party itself does not endorse candidates from what I read on their website.