Jasper alerts House members to ‘bogus’ social media accounts in his name

CONCORD — House Speaker Shawn Jasper has alerted House members that “bogus” social media accounts have been set up in his name.


Jasper is under fire from many House Republicans for challenging — and defeating, with the help of most, if not all, of the Democratic caucus — House GOP caucus winner Rep. Bill O’Brien in last week’s Organization Day election. He wrote in an email to “colleagues” that “there has been at least one bogus Facebook page and at two twitter accounts that have been set up in my name without my authorization. Please be aware of this should you receive any communication from these social media.”


Jasper also wrote that “a House member has also purchased at least three internet domains with my name attached to them.


“You also need to know that the NH House does have a twitter account, managed by (recently named communications director) Jim Rivers (@NHHouseofReps), and we will be using it to disseminate information throughout the session.”


Author: John DiStaso

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