Innis builds campaign by attacking party he just joined

The campaign of first district congressional candidate Dan Innis staked its claim by bucking the Republican Party on two key matters Wednesday.

Innis released a statement supporting an increase in the nation’s debt limit sought by President Barack Obama saying, “a debt default would trigger a financial crisis that would do immediate harm to our economy and negatively impact the lives of all Americans. Failing to raise the debt ceiling does nothing to address the two underlying big problems that Washington currently faces – a failure to cut spending responsibly and a failure of Presidential leadership.”

Many in the Republican Party’s Tea Party wing had urged Republicans in Congress to use the debt limit fight to extract spending concessions from Obama and the Democrats.
Later that day, a Republican who is not a fan of Innis circulated an older tweet from a previous debt limit fight in which he criticized Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte:

Also yesterday, Innis supporter Tyler Deaton aggressively attacked the New Hampshire Republican State Committee in the media for having invited former-Sen. Rick Santorum to its upcoming Northeastern Republican Leadership Conference.

“It’s embarrassing for the New Hampshire Republican Party to associate itself with Rick Santorum, especially at a time when we have so much opportunity to be successful,” Deaton told John DiStaso of the New Hampshire Union Leader. “Most Granite Staters, including, Republicans, reject Santorum’s disgusting comments directed at gay and lesbian Americans.”

Deaton added on Twitter:

Deaton clarified that his objection to Santorum was based on his alleged comparison of homosexuality to pedophilia, a contention Santorum denies, it should be noted:

Some argue Innis is showing a good deal of moxie by attacking the Republican Party from within given his own recent affiliation with the party. In 2012, Innis voted in the Democratic primary, meaning he was not even a registered Republican. Innis also donated to a pro-income tax Democratic candidate for governor Jackie Cilley that year. Cilley later joined the staff of Democratic Rep. Carol Shea-Porter, whose seat Innis is perusing.

“Just more proof Dan Innis is still a DEMOCRAT!” said prominent state Republican Greg Carson on Facebook. “I guess he wants to run on the Republican ticket because there is very little to distinguish him from [Carol Shea-Porter] in a Democrat Primary?”

Author: Patrick Hynes

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