Incompetent Republicans let Kuster walk on tax dodge

One of the more frustrating aspects of the New Hampshire Republican Party – and there are many – is how incompetent it has become.   A case in point? This news that comes to us from James Pindell:

U.S. Rep. Annie Kuster, D-N.H., currently owes nearly $11,000 in late property tax bills for her Hopkinton home and another home nestled in the White Mountains, WMUR Political Scoop has found.

In fact, property tax records show Kuster has been delinquent on more than $40,000 in property taxes over the last three years. For her primary residence, she’s been delinquent on six different, consecutive assessments. For the most part, Kuster and her husband do eventually pay these bills along with a penalty.

How the hell is it that this woman has run for Congress twice and we’re just now finding out she doesn’t pay her taxes? It would be shameful enough to imagine the campaign of then-Rep. Charlie Bass and / or the NH-GOP under the hapless Wayne MacDonald had knowledge of this and chose not to use it. But I am rather inclined to believe they had no idea.  So lackadaisical has been the performance of the entrenched Republican establishment over the last few years that I am certain they conducted no significant opposition research on this woman who, may I remind readers, wants to raise taxes on everyone else in New Hampshire.

Republicans will start winning again when they take campaigning seriously. We’re a long way from that day, it appears.

Author: Patrick Hynes

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  • Dennis Hamel

    I agree with you, and know more needs to be done. However, the NH GOP is mostly starved of funds by the national “party”.
    The Marxists (as you know) not only have huge war chests, but also have no compunction about breaking the rules early and often. Why would they worry with the accomplice media covering for them?
    Boehner, McConnell, McCain, Steele, Priebus and even Romney have all contributed to turning NH from Red to Blue by never putting a priority on our state politics, and by being gutless, spineless pansies when it comes to standing up to the Marxist (aka Democrat) Party. NH has followed foolishly on this appeasement path.
    I still haven’t figured out how a stiff like Charlie Bass emerged 2 years ago as our 2nd district candidate.
    As Howie Carr likes to say – “Give the people a choice between a Democrat and a democrat, and they will pick the Democrat every time.”

  • Richard Clark

    I do not vote in the second district. But she should have been made to pay them before election. She will make more than enough while in Congress., They all retire as millionsaires. “The good ole “person” network. Been there…Done it. Both Elephants and Donkeys!!

  • mogger

    Just democrats doing what democrats do. They believe taxes are for the “little people” as they relate to themselves and other democrats. Should the taxpayer be a “rich” republican, then taxes are “for the rich”.

  • Anonymous

    The NH GOP needs an overhaul. Instead of pablum pushing candidates we need competent men and women who will stand and fight for our state and country and the freedoms that are our rights. Enough with the fringe issues which only serve as a distraction and drive the independents which are 40% of the residents and moderates over the edge to either hold their nose and vote or not bother to vote.

    Personal choice issues are just that. You can’t legislate morality you can only live it. That’s what our motto represents; Live Free or Die. Less government interference from both parties. Just look at DC and the so called leadership. They can’t run a flush toilet without backing up the sewers and septic systems. Reduce the spending and cut the abysmal waste of the self indulgent bureaucrats and their pork laden ear marks, overhaul the the tax code
    to allow free enterprise the freedom to prosper or fail on their own.
    (No bailouts) and reduce the taxes to stimulate the economic growth of
    this country.
    “The Business of America is Business” Find and elect candidates that support that premise and will implement it.

    Enough with the “gimmie grabber, free stuffers” both foreign and domestic. Never mind threatening to cut SS, we the tax payers earned it, the takers did not. Cut welfare, Eliminate illegal benefits, and cut foreign aide by 50%, and that’s just for starters.
    Adhere to the Constitution it is the embodiment of the heart of America.