Updated: In TV ad, Shea-Porter says she’s for middle class, Guinta for ‘wealthiest’

U.S. Rep. Carol Shea-Porter began the general election campaign today with her first television ad.


In the 30-second spot, she says she put herself through UNH “working minimum wage jobs and on a factory floor,” and emphasizes her commitment to the middle class. He reiterates that she has never taken contributions from “DC lobbyists or corporate PACs.” And she says she has supported “moral budgets.”


The ad then contrasts this with Republican challenger Frank Guinta, tying him to the Koch brothers and “the wealthiest every time, shifting the tax burden onto us.”


View the ad below.



Following the release of the ad, state GOP chairman Jennifer Horn criticized Shea-Porter for launching an ad on the anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.


Horn said political differences are set aside on Sept. 11 and added, “Congresswoman Shea-Porter has demonstrated a lack of respect for this solemn day by launching her first partisan political attack on September 11th. She should immediately pull down this inappropriate ad for the rest of the day.”


Guinta’s campaign, however, did responddirectly  to the ad with a statement:


“Congresswoman Shea-Porter’s first ad is revealing, it is abundantly clear she has decided to focus entirely on putting her political career over the needs of Granite Staters. She offers no solutions, only soundbites, no plans, only partisan politics, no compromise only conflict. Her six years in Washington have brought us an erosion of the middle class, a stunningly weak economy, and a ‘fix’ to health care that continues to leave millions uninsured, health care costs increasing and more unemployment. New Hampshire deserves a representative who will solve problems and listen to them, Frank Guinta is that leader.”

Author: John DiStaso

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