In Hudson, Romney tells Brown supporters: Shaheen ‘has got to go’

HUDSON — With the U.S. Senate race now entering its final stages, 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney on Wednesday joined Senate candidate Scott Brown to rally about 200 supporters to get out the vote on Nov. 4.


At Gilchrist Metal Fabricating Co., Romney said President Barack Obama has failed at stimulating the economy, at helping schools, at addressing poverty and at reducing income inequality. He said Obama and his administration misjudged Russia, failed to give timely support to moderates in Syria and “misjudged the importance of having our forces remain in Iraq.”


Romney, who later attended a fundraiser for GOP candidate for governor Walt Havenstein, noted that Obama recently said that while he is not on the ballot, his policies are.


“And that’s absolutely right,” Romney said. “His policies are on the ballot and the name of those policies is Jeanne Shaheen. That’s why she’s got to go!”


Romney said, “There’s a big ravine between Jeanne Shaheen in New Hampshire and Jeanne Shaheen in Washington…She says here she’s independent, but then she goes there and votes for President Obama 99 percent of the time.”


Brown urged the supporters to rally friends and neighbor, saying,  “Do not wake up on Nov. 5 having missed the opportunity to help restore America. Help restore this New Hampshire advantage that people have come to know, love and respect.”



The event was hosted by Jack Gilchrist, a businessman who strongly supported Romney during the 2012 presidential campaign and appeared in an ad for Romney, telling President Obama that he and his father and son built their business.


Today, Gilchrist said he did have “help” but also said, “We do pay taxes and contribute to society.”


He said insurance coverage and energy costs are rising for his company of 35 employees.


Gilchrist introduced Romney as “someone who I think we all wish was President of the United States today.”


Romney said Shaheen has voted for a cap and trade program, “which would dramatically increase the cost of energy” and “has also voted to open the door to an energy tax. Let me tell you, electricity prices going up kills jobs.”


Brown, who campaigned earlier in the day with Ohio Sen. Rob Portman in Hampstead, unveiled a new campaign line, telling the group that New Hampshire’s two senators are Republican Kelly Ayotte and – instead of Sen. Jeanne Shaheen – Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.


“Harry Reid is our senator because every single time Kelly Ayotte makes a courageous vote to deal with our border, to deal with our economy, “Brown said. “Every single time Harry Reid does not allow that vote to come up or he aborts that effort. Every single national initiative the President has been pushing, it goes from the President to Harry Reid, down to Jeanne Shaheen.

“They keep chipping and chipping and chipping away at our New Hampshire advantage,” he said.



Shaheen’s campaign, meanwhile, released a web ad that charged Romney and Brown were associated with private companies that outsourced American jobs. It released a similar radio ad today as well.



View the web ad here:





Romney returned for a public appearance in the state in which he has a second home amid speculation about a third bid for the White House. Romney has denied those rumors, but Brown told him, “Governor, if you were in the White House, the country and the world would seem a whole heck of a lot different.”

On Thursday, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul will make several stops in the state during the day, while the Democrats will bring in former President Bill Clinton in the evening to rally the troops as the featured speaker at the state Democratic Party’s Jefferson-Jackson Dinner fundraiser.



Also in the Senate campaign in the Senate campaign Wednesday:


_ Politico reported that beginning on Thursday, the Shaheen campaign will stop airing its television ad questioning Brown’s pro-choice credentials and replace it with a positive ad that stresses Shaheen’s ties to the state.



View the new Shaheen ad below.





A Brown campaign adviser told Politico the ad was being replaced because it was ineffective and that voters know Brown is pro-choice. The Shaheen campaign, however, called that reasoning “nonsense” and said the message that Brown is not truly pro-choice has run its natural course.


At the event in Hudson, Brown’s wife, Gail Huff Brown, told the group that her husband “loves women and he will protect you no matter what.”





_ A conservative issues advocacy group called Secure America Now launched a web ad against Shaheen and Democratic incumbents in other states that shows slain New Hampshire journalist James Foley standing in the desert before he was beheaded.



“While radical Islamists threaten to attack America and millions cross our border undetected, President Obama and Senator Shaheen have done nothing,” a narrator in the ad says. “Call now and tell Senator Shaheen to stop ignoring our border crisis.”


Shaheen called the ad “disgraceful” and said it “dishonors the memory of a respected journalist and New Hampshire native. It hurts all who loved and knew Jim, and the people behind this ad owe the Foley family an apology.”




Brown’s campaign called the ad “inappropriate.”




Secure America Now’s advisory board includes former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, former Ambassador John Bolston, pollster Pat Cadell and others.



_ Also Wednesday, the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare endorsed Shaheen. The group called Shaheen “a true champion of New Hampshire’s seniors.”



Author: John DiStaso

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