I like turtles

State Rep. Steven Lindsey of Keene wants to regulate the way Granite Staters are allowed to kill turtles because …

[An] article this month in the Hawkeye — a hunting and fishing magazine based in Milford — upset him.

Written by Theodore Walski, regional wildlife biologist with the Keene office of N.H. Fish and Game, it described an August boating trip on the Ashuelot River between Swanzey and Winchester during which he and a friend harvested three snapping turtles. Two of them were 50 pounds.

Walski described how the turtles were killed by striking their heads with a hammer, and that they resulted in “quite a large bag of meat.” Walski also wrote he saved the toenails of the turtles’ big paws to “clean, drill and make ‘bear-necklaces’ ” from.

Lindsey said he’s always had a feeling for the large snapping turtles, which he calls “legacy” turtles because they can live to be more than 100 years old.

I don’t know if Rep. Lindsey’s plan to regulate the size and number of turtles we’re allowed to kill, or the manner in which we’re allowed to kill them, is a good idea or not. But I do not one person who is likely to endorse Rep. Lindsey’s proposed new law. This kid:

Author: Patrick Hynes

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