CORRECTED: Huntsman campaign misspells Jon again (John Weaver edition)

CORRECTION: NH Journal has learned that NBC has corrected their story. Tim Miller did not misspell John Weaver’s name. Nothing to see here, folks.

Jon Huntsman’s campaign for president is beginning to show signs of whiplash.

After at least two days of taunting press coverage over a campaign mailing in which the candidate’s name was misspelled (for a second time, mind you – see video below), Team Huntsman woke up to a brutal behind-the-curtains story in Politico.

While the Politico piece is worth a read for news junkies all on its own, we’re more interested in the fact that the Huntsman campaign misspelled John again in its pushback on the story, this time referring to “Jon Weaver,” the campaign’s chief strategist whose name is spelled “John.”

“Gov. Huntsman is very confident in the campaign’s leadership, including Jon Weaver,” wrote campaign spox Tim Miller in an e-mail to NBC News.

Did management remove all the H’s from the campaign’s computer keyboards?

Author: Shawn Millerick

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