Hounsell: 23% increase in gas tax unacceptable

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When the legislature passed a 23 percent increase in the state gasoline tax they placed an undue burden upon the people of the State. Instead of facing the real problem of addressing the needs of the entire state in the upgrading of our roadways and bridges, the elected officials bowed to the partisan pressure and the regional pressure exercised by those legislators from the Granite State’s southern tier.


The impact in the increase of the gasoline tax will result in higher trucking cost that will be felt by the people of Chatham, Conway, Eaton and Hales Location, in food prices and other necessities.


In addition, it must be noted the first beneficiaries of the revenue from this tax will be on behalf of those who utilize Interstate 93 from Salem to Manchester. It will be many years before any of improvements from this tax increase will benefit the people of Carroll County District 2.


The East Conway Road is a state owned road and the neglect of it falls squarely on the shoulders of the General Court and the New Hampshire Department of Transportation. Instead of addressing this severe problem, the legislature, once again, draws from the resources of the north to satisfy the demands of the south.


When elected, I will advocate strongly for this neglected region of our beloved state and people should rest assured, when it comes to taking without giving, the NH House will surely hear from me.


(Mark Hounsell is a former Republican state senator who is now an independent candidate for the New Hampshire House of Representatives from Carroll County District 2.)

Author: Mark Hounshell

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