Hmm … we wonder why New Hampshire Democrats don’t want a vote on gay marriage?

The state of North Carolina has, in overwhelming fashion voted to write a ban on gay marriage in its constitution. Oh, but North Carolina is just one of those backward southern states, right? It’s not reflective of the rest of the country, you say? Well, bear in mind that North Carolina is actually the 31st state in the country to ban same sex marriage. bear in mind, also, that North Carolina went for Democrat Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election and Obama remains confident he will win North Carolina again (though he didn’t want to be seen there this week, we have come to learn: He cancelled a planned campaign trip there this week).

The results in North Carolina make it clear why liberal Democrats in New Hampshire are so vehemently opposed to allowing Granite State voters to give them guidance on this issue by voting on a non-binding referendum. They know they would lose.

Author: Patrick Hynes

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  • C. dog e. doG

    So now Repubs are reduced to plebiscites on matters of special favors?  Let’s do the same to decide who has access to Department of Cultured Affairs, or who gets preferential treatment from the Lilac Overlords.  Then there’s currying favor from the Liquor Commish, and ditto from Mr. Greenjeans over at Department of Environmental Special Favors.

    Oddly, Repubs remain silent on the issue of why they insist Nanny insert her prying claws into the whole matrimonial sordid affairs to begin with.  I thought these guys were big on church chat, and keeping such things loud, proud, and separate from the Grate State?  Ooops, I here the cognitive dissonance ringing loud and clear – someone’s goin’ to the Government Chapel to get married …
    – C. dog throws white rice to cover up a crime scene