Hit the road Jack: New life for GOP

In a stunning display of political chicken, embattled Republican State Chair Jack Kimball resigned his position on Thursday night after weeks of refusing to do just that at the request of Republican leaders in Washington and Concord and just before Republican leaders planned a vote to remove him.

“I’m not going to become an obstacle,” Kimball told the Executive Board.

Some interested parties say Kimball had already become an obstacle due to his poor fundraising, special election failures, inter-party squabbling and for signing a petition to place the Libertarian Party on the state ballot.

The GOP federal delegation, the Republican State House Speaker and the Republican Senate President all called for Kimball to step down as Chairman two weeks ago. Instead, Kimball ramped up a campaign to keep his position, and many of Kimball’s supporters took to the Internet to personally attack Republican leaders.

The NH GOP’s Executive Committee accepted Kimball’s resignation without discussion or debate and quickly adjourned the meeting.

Republican leaders are viewing Thursday night’s events as an opportunity to breath new life into the GOP after the brief, tumultuous Kimball era.


At the scene of Kimball's resignation

Video of Kimball’s remarks:

Author: Shawn Millerick

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1791120546 Fred Leonard

    Shawn, Harsh comments that really aren’t needed…I’m happy he decided to resign, but the pig pile is not necessary…Jack’s heart was clearly in the right place, so this is a loss in a sense…I wished he would have resigned weeks ago so he could re-group and come back in a different capacity…he may still do that, but it may not be right away…

    I hope people learn a lesson from all of this…

    • Voteobamaout

      Shawn, what goes around  comes around.  You created bad karma for yourserl  wiht your baseless charges and inuendoes flueled by Duprey and others.   Jack is a good man and he did not diserve the character assesination your publication did on him.  For that you will answer to a higher aurtority. 

  • NHREALconservative

    The NHGOP is made up of nothing but RINOs no better than bluedog dems. Register as an independent and start sending your donations to candidates who represent you rather than  he RINO establishment in NH.

  • Rpreynoldsesq

    The GOP should pick Portsmouth businessman Sean Mahoney to succeed Kimball; it’s a no brainer, really.