Hassan interested in “discussing” lots and lots of tax increases

What she lacks in specifics about what taxes she intends to raise, Maggie Hassan makes up for  in the shear breadth of taxes she is willing to “discuss” raising.  In a short audio compilation of her answers to tax questions during a gubernatorial debate this week, Hassan pretty much says she’s willing to “discuss” anything.

Personally, I can think of no greater time and venue to have this discussion than right now in the context of her gubernatorial battle with Ovide Lamontagne.  But the normally specifics-hungry media seems disinterested in pressuring her for answers.  My word, this woman wants to be our governor.  Can we please have a little foreknowledge as to what she intends to do should she get elected?  That’d be just terrific.

Listen to the audio.  Listen also to Lamontagne’s dismissive, and somewhat exasperated, laugh at the end.

Author: Patrick Hynes

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