Hassan campaign refuses NHGOP demand to disclose finances now

CONCORD – The state Republican Party Monday asked Gov. Maggie Hassan’s campaign committee to disclose its finance reports and wants to know why no report was publicly filed on the deadline for political committees six weeks ago.


Hassan’s campaign refused the request in the letter from NHGOP chair Jennifer Horn, saying it will file its report on the Aug. 20 deadline for all candidate campaign committee.


Maggie ’14, which was found by the Attorney General’s Office last week to be a political committee allowed to take unlimited contributions until June 12, when Hassan filed for office, did not file a report on June 18, as other political committee did.


Two years ago, when Hassan ran for governor the first time, she filed a report for her Maggie ’12 political committee on June 20, even though she had formally filed paperwork to become a candidate five days earlier, on June 15, 2012.


Last week, the Attorney General’s Office found that the current Hassan committee, Maggie ’14, did nothing wrong in accepting large contributions totaling $45,000 from three political action committees associated with unions, but said that since one of the contributions was actually delivered to the Hassan campaign after she had her paperwork declaring herself as a candidate, she would be ordered to return $24,000. The Attorney General did not address the question of whether Hassan would have been required to file a report on June 18, presumably because it was not part of the NHGOPs complaint.


The Hassan campaign said Monday it returned the $24,000 from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers PAC as ordered by the Attorney General.


Horn wrote, however, “Given the extraordinary circumstances surrounding this scandal, the public should be allowed to inspect your campaign finance activity immediately to ensure that you have not received any other illegal donations.


Horn wrote, “During your first run for governor in 2012, your political action committee (Maggie 12′) filed a required report on June 20th, 2012. Five days earlier on June 15, 2012, you filed your candidacy with the Secretary of State and converted your PAC to a candidate committee.


“But during the current election cycle you have refused to release any information about your fundraising activities,” Horn continued. “Maggie 14′ did not file a required report on June 18, 2014, like every other political action committee. Evidence of your illegal special interest fundraising scheme was only uncovered because of required reports filed by the union PACs that are trying to influence your administration. Your unwillingness to file a PAC report raises serious questions about what your campaign may be trying to hide.”


Horn charged that “big labor PACs,” including at least one that supports the controversial Northern Pass project, “are trying to buy you off with unlimited campaign contributions” and as a result of “illegal behavior” by the Hassan committee, the Hassan campaign should disclose its finances.

Author: John DiStaso

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