Hassan backpedals on budget

Gov. Maggie Hassan appeared to backpedal on her own budget today, telling the editorial board of the Portsmouth Herald that it was just “a proposal and a recommendation.” Hassan only said she would refuse to sign “an unbalanced budget.”

The governor also appeared to have no satisfactory answers as to why her office has failed to deliver the second half of her budget proposal, which, by law, was due in the Legislature’s hands on February 15th. Hassan has come under fire for flouting the law from New Hampshire Republican Chair Jennifer Horn.

Hassan’s budget ran into problems almost immediately upon its partial release, which may have contributed to the delayed release of its second half. Her decision to base $80 million in revenue on a single gambling casino in Salem has been widely panned by newspaper editorial boards and many leading Democrats, including Hassan’s own Attorney General Michael Delaney.

Author: Patrick Hynes

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