Haley Barbour launches new web video for American Crossroads

Mississippi governor and almost presidential candidate Haley Barbour is featured in a new web video by conservative Super PAC American Crossroads today, titled “Let’s Get This Done,” which attacks President Obama’s record and calls on voters to turn him out of office in 2012.

The popular Southern governor signed on as a adviser and fundraiser for the Crossroads in September, and this video marks his first high profile push for the Karl Rove-run organization. The video will be housed on the group’s ‘1600 Fund‘ website, a project that focuses exclusively on the upcoming presidential election.

“[Obama’s] policies aren’t fixing our problems, they’re making them worse,” says Barbour in the video, “And a second Obama term means making this malaise permanent. … We’re the greatest country on earth, and we can get America right again. To do that we have to win in 2012. … So come on now, let’s get this done.”

Barbour also calls for lowering, simplifying and stabilizing tax rates; cutting spending and putting a moratorium on new regulations; and keeping America’s military strong.

“As one of the most iconic figures of the modern Republican Party, Governor Barbour paints a vivid case of why America needs to change course in the 2012 elections,” said American Crossroads chairman Mike Duncan. “Governor Barbour is uniquely qualified to stem the encroaching tide of pessimism flowing across the country due to the failed policies of President Obama. We are honored to have him as a central figure in our efforts in 2012.”

Watch the video here:

Author: Shawn Millerick

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