Day One back in DC: Guinta supports Boehner for speaker, questioned by FEC

After flirting with the possibility of backing someone else, Frank Guinta, in his first vote in his return to the U.S. House, on Tuesday supported the reelection of House Speaker John Boehner.


Meanwhile on Tuesday, the Federal Election Commission told the treasurer of Guinta’s campaign organization, Friends of Frank Guinta, that there were several potential violations on his post-general election campaign disclosure report.


Guinta campaign former senior advisor Ethan Zorfas said the campaign accountant is working with the FEC to “ensure that no inadvertent errors were made.”


On Capitol Hill, Guinta’s vote for Boehner was not unexpected, but during the fall campaign, he did leave the door open for the possibility that he would not support the Ohioan.


Boehner won reelection as speaker on the first ballot with 216 votes of 408 cast.


In a televised debate in September, Guinta said, “I think a lot of people in this country are looking for new leadership and you may see that opportunity come post-November. We’ll see who the candidates are and who the best qualified is but there very well may be a candidate that will replace John.”


A few weeks after Guinta made those comments, Boehner visited New Hampshire as the featured guest at a private fundraiser for Guinta.


In addition to Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, three GOP alternatives to Boehner were nominated today – Reps. Louis Gohmert of Texas, who Daniel Webster and Ted Yoho, both of Florida.


Guinta’s office said he would have no comment on his vote for Boehner. It released a statement from Guinta on being sworn in as a member of the 114th Congress:


“Washington is fundamentally flawed. Granite Staters have sent a clear message that they want competent and pragmatic problem solvers to fix the significant issues facing our nation today. Our primary focus must be creating bipartisan solutions that will create jobs, economic growth and prosperity. I remain committed in the fight for an aggressive reform agenda that will foster a limited, efficient and effective government. The Congressional offices in Manchester and Washington, D.C. are yours, and I look forward to serving Granite Staters in the 114th Congress.”


Democratic Rep. Ann Kuster voted for House Democratic Leader and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.


Letter from FEC


Meanwhile, the FEC said Guinta’s report covering receipts and expenditures from Oct. 16 to Nov. 24 appeared to contain several contributions that exceeded the $2,600-per-election limit for individuals; reported contributions received after the September primary election that were designated for the primary; may have failed to file a required 48-hour notice; and did not list contributions in other 48-hour notices on the post-general election report.


The full letter from the FEC to the Guinta campaign can be viewed here.


Zorfas responded, “The Federal Election Commission is required to perform routine reviews on quarterly campaign filings. In an effort to ensure no inadvertent errors were made, we are already working with the accountant who authored and filed our forms. Congressman Guinta looks forward to resolving the issue quickly, so he can continue to focus on the job he was elected to do, reducing our nation’s debt and deficit to create jobs and grow our economy.”




Author: John DiStaso

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