Guest Op-Ed: Ovide Has the Plan and the Experience to Create Jobs in NH

Ovide Lamontagne is the only candidate for governor who has a comprehensive plan to get the New Hampshire economy moving and reclaim the New Hampshire Advantage, and that is why I am voting for him on November 6th.

As the former Chairman of the Manchester Chamber of Commerce, the state’s largest Chamber of Commerce, I know what it takes to attract new companies, keep existing firms here, and create an environment in which all businesses can prosper and add jobs. After examining his Prosperity Agenda and observing him for decades as a leader in the business and civic arenas, I can say with certainty that Ovide also knows what it takes – and has what it takes – to retain and attract businesses, allow them to thrive, and liberate these job creators to hire more Granite Staters.

I have always been impressed with Ovide’s clear focus on the core issues impacting economic growth and therefore requiring the undivided attention and leadership of the state’s next chief executive. Ovide has a real, comprehensive, achievable, and impactful plan to create a more favorable business tax and regulatory environment; make healthcare more affordable; control costs and improve the quality of public schools and the University System; make available cheaper and more reliable energy sources; and invest in critical transportation, information technology, and energy infrastructure projects benefiting all of New Hampshire and boasting a definitively positive return on investment to taxpayers.

They key to these desperately needed reforms is that they strike the appropriate balance between the limited role government should play in these areas, and the critical role of individual citizens and businesses to use their innovation and know-how to make choices and solve problems in ways that best suit the needs of their communities, companies, and employees. Ovide’s resolve to reform in these areas without government overreach will make New Hampshire a haven for innovation, entrepreneurship, and job growth fueled by the brainpower, skills, and opportunity Granite Staters need to compete in the global economy of the 21st century.

It is one thing to have a good plan, and quite another to have the steady, principled, and respectful approach needed to actually implement that plan. Ovide Lamontagne, in an environment filled with partisanship and incivility, has the temperament to lead and the experience to be successful. Ovide knows good public policies do not have an “R” or “D” stamped to then. He also knows that having the humility to embrace good ideas, regardless of who proposed them first, is the best way to lead our state through these challenging economic times.

Steve Forbes described Ovide as “the real deal” when endorsing him for governor. I could not agree more. Ovide is the only candidate who has the plan to go along with the leadership, experience, and focus we need to bring people together to get our economy moving and restore the New Hampshire Advantage.

Please join me in voting for Ovide Lamontagne for governor on November 6th.

BJ Eckardt is the former Chairman of the Manchester Chamber of Commerce, the former publisher of Business NH Magazine, and a small business owner.

Author: BJ Eckardt

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  • C. dog e. doG

    Hey BJ, what’s Ovide’s plan to release the ‘utes from the State pens and provide their parents choice in selecting from a diversity of schooling opportunities? Seems like that would be a proper limiting of Grate Gov’s role, or is he more reclined to amble along the RINO path of improving Government “skools” to placate his principals?
    – C. dog ain’t buyin’