Guest Op-Ed: Domestic Energy Exploration will yield jobs and energy security

The Granite State is a net-exporter of energy and yet we pay some of the highest energy prices in the country. We need to take advantage of all sources of energy and policy leaders should adopt a blueprint for consumer energy freedom.

It’s never a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket, and the principle applies to energy. Just as individual investors want to diversify their investments, it’s best for the people of any given state to have access to a multitude of energy sources as well. Most people would readily acknowledge that New England’s heavy reliance on fossil fuels for generating electricity leads to high and volatile prices.

Yet our hopes for energy diversity are threatened by policies that hinder certain resources. Senseless regulations on energy development and excessive taxation all come with a price – a price that customers are ultimately forced to pay. When our access to a wide array of affordable energy is stifled, our economy obviously suffers.

Energy is the fuel on which our economy runs. Policy leaders should share our desire for abundant and affordable energy. Why does government so often seem to prefer scarcity and high prices?

We should celebrate our nation’s wealth of resources – let’s be creative and utilize all energy avenues available. We should pursue clean and green alternatives without artificial subsidies, and at the same time there should be more exploration for oil and natural gas, onshore and offshore – in a safe and responsible manner.

Favor no energy producer. Stifle no energy producer. Encourage them all. Think of the jobs that would be created in the energy sector! The competitive free market would expand our economy rapidly if all the contrived obstacles to energy development in America were relaxed.

Let’s tell leaders at all levels that we support energy diversity and not energy favoritism. A focus on jobs and the economy demands policies that provide abundant, affordable energy in all forms.

Ken Merrifield is the mayor of the town of Franklin, NH

Author: Mayor Ken Merrifield

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  • Anonymous

    Hey Ken –
    Remember, a free market does not rely on your pal, Eminent Domain, to pave the way for an electric conduit from Hydro Québeçoise to Franklin to line your pocket, and those of your closest, dearest friends at PSNH.  And did you forget the primary reason why electricity is sooo high in the  Grate State of NH is because your same pals at PSNH made a little boo-boo down at Seabrook which they and that craven govna’ then stuck onto the backs of the lowly, troglodyte raped-payers.  Please, sir, may I have anotha?!

    By the way, nature gas turbines are quite economical; all fossil fuels are not created equal.
    – C. dog remembers