Group targets Shea-Porters ‘Olympic’ gaffes

Rep. Carol Shea-Porter’s history of making comments that have a tendency to backfire has landed her in hot water this election cycle, with many polls showing her re-elect bid in trouble.

The Congressional Leadership Fund, a pro-GOP group, is keying in on six comments, launching a BuzzFeed listicle (article that is formatted as a list) that pairs her comments with images of major wipe-outs and moments gone wrong at this year’s Winter Olympics.

“Carol Shea-Porter’s cringe-worthy statements and record supporting Obamacare mirror some disastrous winter game wipeouts,” said Congressional Leadership Fund SuperPAC spokeswoman Emily Davis in a statement. “Unfortunately for Granite State families, broken promises, higher costs and limited health care access are just the opening runs for the disastrous health care law Carol Shea-Porter forced on them.”

Included on the list is Shea-Porter echoing President Obama’s ‘Lie of the Year’ promise that “if you like your coverage, you can keep it,” complimented by a disastrous stunt attempt in team figure skating.

Also making an the top six are her saying “there should have been a public option” in Obamacare and her original vote in favor of the law that resulted in over 20,000 Granite Staters receiving cancellation notices from their insurance providers.

Author: Staff Reporter

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