Group launches website, online widget targeting Shea-Porter on tax increases

A Republican-aligned Super PAC, the Congressional Leadership Fund, is making political hay out of former 1st District Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter’s now-infamous statement that she believes Nancy Pelosi and Congressional Democrats are 100% right by tying Shea-Porter to the tax hike proposals and government-run healthcare for which she advocated.

To personalize the impact of what the group refers to as the “Shea-Porter-Pelosi agenda” for Granite Staters, the Congressional Leadership Fund created the Carol Shea-Pelosi Tax Receipt, an online tool that allows voters to view, print, or embed a “receipt” displaying line-by-line transactions for various tax increases that Shea-Porter has supported.

The website will be updated with a new “receipt” each week.  This week’s edition outlines the tax increases included in President Obama’s health care overhaul, which Shea-Porter strongly supported; voters can view or print it online at

“Time after time, Carol Shea-Porter stood to Nancy Pelosi’s left, supporting her skyrocketing tax agenda that devastated families and small businesses.  This weekly receipt will show just how much Shea-Porter has charged to Granite Staters and why we can’t afford to trust her with the nation’s credit card again,” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Brook Hougesen in a statement.

Shea-Porter was voted out in 2010 after two terms in office, and faces a rematch with Republican Rep. Frank Guinta in November.  Polls show a tight race, and outside groups from both sides of the aisle are expected to spend heavily.

The Congressional Leadership Fund’s sister organization, the American Action Network, recently announced a $650,000 reserve in broadcast television for the Manchester media market for candidate advocacy this fall.

View this week’s Carol ‘Shea-Pelosi’ tax receipt below:

Author: Staff Reporter

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