Green Scissors 2011 Says Cut Wasteful Environmental Spending

Friends of the Earth, the Heartland Institute, Taxpayers for Common Sense and the Public Citizen have collaborated on Green Scissors 2011, a call for Congress to eliminate wasteful environmental spending in the areas of energy, agriculture, transportation, and land and water use. The goal of the non-partisan assembly is to prioritize both environmental and fiscal responsibility. In a joint statement, the groups write, :“While all four groups have different missions, histories, goals and ideas about the role of government we all agree that we can begin to overcome our nation’s budgetary and environmental woes by tackling spending that is not only wasteful but environmentally harmful.”

With the impending $1.5 trillion in cuts facing the supercommittee, Green Scissors emphasizes that we must analyze all spending channels for overlap and excess. They report $275 billion in potential spending cuts and claim the elimination of federal oil and gas subsidies would lighten the NH tax load $60 million annually. The Chair of Temple Energy Committee, Bev Edwards, says, “It is an outrage to learn that, on top of what we pay at the pump and to heat and light our homes, the taxpayers of New Hampshire’s 2nd Congressional district are shelling out an estimated $33 million a year to pay for government subsidies benefitting oil and gas companies that are floating in profits.”

Green Scissors 2011 sent a memo to the supercommittee yesterday urging them to eliminate harmful government subsidies and proposed a roadmap to reduce $380 billion in spending over three years. Their report asks for the elimination of $72 billion in revenue transfers to the Highway Trust Fund, $30 billion for crop insurance, and $4.82 billion for Oil and Gas Royalty relief.

Friends of the Earth tax analyst Ben Schreiber says, “We can go a long way toward solving our nation’s budget problems by cutting spending that harms the environment, and this report provides the Super Committee with a road map. At a time of great polarization, Super Committee members can and should find common ground by ending wasteful polluter giveaways.”

Read the Green Scissors 2011 Report:

Green Scissors 2011

Author: Amanda Markell

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