Granite Staters reportedly contacted about possible Jeb Bush candidacy

Two New Hampshire Republican operatives have reportedly been contacted by someone with ties to former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush to gauge their interest in leading or being players in a New Hampshire first-in-the-nation primary campaign.


A report by Real Clear Politics quoted one of the consultants as saying of Bush’s presidential campaign decision, “I think the decision’s been made, personally.”


“I’ve definitely perceived an uptick in the perception of him doing this,” one of the consultants said.


Several GOP strategists today denied having been contacted by anyone associated with, or on behalf of, Bush.


Another who asked not to be named neither confirmed nor denied contact, saying instead, “I talk to a lot of people all the time and have found over the years that it is best not to talk about who I’m talking with.”


One thing is for certain: If associates of Jeb Bush are in fact making inquiries into New Hampshire, it will catch other potential candidates’ attention and groundwork activity of connecting with local strategists and activist should pick up quickly.


So far Texas Gov. Rick Perry has a top potential operative at the ready in New Hampshire in Michael Dennehy, who is advising his policy PAC, Americans for Economic Freedom.


And Mike Biundo, former national campaign manager for Rick Santorum, is Chief Strategist for New England of Rand Paul’s RANDPAC, Reinventing A New Direction PAC. He will also serve as a National Senior Advisor and Coalitions Director.


And of course on the Democratic side, the “Ready for Hillary” PAC has a well-established organization ready to swing into action as the foundation of a campaign operation should she decided to run.

Author: John DiStaso

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  • woodnfish

    Joust say, No!”, to Jeb Bush.

  • Greg Weir

    4 more years of oboma. You know we need more division, more lackluster economic growth, higher taxes, more middle east (insert cuss word), more racism in this attorney general office or the JUST-US department, more half baked ideal like obomacare and this time really stick it to Israel!