A new tradition? Graham to headline kickoff of new Concord GOP ‘Politics & Pies’ series

CONCORD — For nearly two decades, “Politics and Eggs” has been THE must event for presidential candidates to get their messages out, and get to know — and renew acquaintances with — VIPs in the state and New England business communities.


And that tradition continues as the current primary campaign gets underway.


But is a new tradition about to begin? Kerry Marsh, Steve Duprey and the Concord Republican Committee hope so.


On Sunday, the Concord GOP, with the assistance of Republican National Committee members Duprey and Juliana Bergeron, will kick off “Politics and Pies,” a new series to introduce GOP candidates to GOP capital area activists. And with all due respect to the business execs who frequent “Politics and Eggs,” those expected at “Politics and Pies” are the “worker bees” of local, state and presidential primary politics – the hard-core activists.


Add to that the setting – rustic confines of the Snowshoe Club – and the ingredients are there for a vintage New Hampshire politics at its best.


The first guest, at 2 p.m. on Sunday, will be South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, who will be making his first visit to the state since announcing an exploratory committee to fund his travels as he considers running for President.


“Coffee and deliciously made local pies will be served up,” says the flier that went out earlier today announcing the series and the Graham appearance.


Marsh, who chairs the Concord GOP, credits the committee members collectively with the idea.


“We wanted to do something to continue our mission of bringing candidates and voters together in settings where questions can be asked and dialogue exchanged,” Marsh said. “And who doesn’t love pie?


“Coffee, pie, political discussion, all in the cozy setting of the Snowshoe Club make for an outstanding first-in-the-nation type of event for sure,” she said.



The Snowshoe Club in Concord


Marsh said Duprey asked that they team up for the series to “make sure that the Concord area receives the opportunity to meet and vet all of the GOP potential presidential candidates as they come through the Granite State.”


Duprey told the New Hampshire Journal that while he and Bergeron must, under party rules, remain neutral in primaries, “I intend to offer to host an event for any presidential candidate who would like one.”


Duprey said he has sent invitations to at least seven other likely candidates so far.


“I decided to partner with the local committee because it helps them build their organization and helps get the candidates before more actual activists,” Duprey said. He said that with Bergeron also closely involved, “I think it reinforces to all candidates that our party leadership is neutral and is proud of them.”


Marsh said Graham is an appropriate first guest.


“With Prime Minister Netanyhu’s speech just yesterday and the daily disturbing news coming out of the Middle East and Eastern Europe, having Senator Graham with his strong background in foreign policy this weekend really is perfect timing,” she said. “We are going to have the fire places going and are looking forward to listening to Senator Graham share his views and visions for America.”


For Graham, on Sunday, it will be “Politics and Pies.”


And where will he be on Monday morning? You guessed it.


The Bedford Village Inn—for “Politics and Eggs.”


Author: John DiStaso

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