Gordon Humphrey endorses Jack Kimball

Former U.S. Senator Gordon Humphrey endorsed Jack Kimball for Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee on Friday in a note to voting members obtained by NH Journal.

“I endorse Jack Kimball, because he is a clear and strong advocate for the conservative principles that gave us a sweeping victory just two months ago,” writes Humphrey, a Granite State conservative icon. “When he speaks passionately of freedom, he means what he says. Jack Kimball will give us a party organization and a public message worthy of our principles, an organization that will restore freedom and prosperity to New Hampshire and build towards an even greater victory in 2012.”

Kimball also released a long list of new public endorsements from voting members Friday afternoon, including: Danielle Winters, 
Moe Villeneuve, Chuck Lothrop, Lou Vita, 
Linda Twombly, 
Tom Toner, 
Bill Tobin,
 Terry Stewart,
 David Starr,
 Sylvia Smith, Steven Smith,
 David Russell,
 Katherine Prudhomme-O’Brien,
 Lynette Peterson, 
Christine Peters,
 Allen Patterson, 
Jerry Mitchell,
 Nick Mignanelli,
 Carolyn McKinney, 
Neil McIver,
 Steve Mathieu, 
Di Lothrop, and
 Paul LaCasse.

Author: The Editors

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