GOP’s Kimball faces full-blown revolt

In an unfolding drama, embattled Republican State Chairman Jack Kimball is facing a full-blown revolt today that is sure to have national implications as the party plans to stage the nation’s first presidential primary of the 2012 election in just a few months.

Kimball called for the resignation of his Executive Director Will Wrobleski in a closed-door meeting on Tuesday, but Wrobleski refused his request and insists he won’t leave his position until forced out by Kimball.

NH Journal had planned to run the story earlier today but received conflicting reports about whether Wrobleski had quit or been fired. Either way, he’s not likely to be back to work.

Kimball had attempted to settle the matter peacefully because he fears Wrobleski will go public with internal information about the inner workings of Kimball’s administration. Kimball’s tenure as Chairman has been plagued by dismal fundraising, brutal infighting, and two stunning special election defeats.

The drama follows a devastating e-mail Monday night by Wayne MacDonald, the party’s long-serving Assistant Chairman, to the party’s Executive Committee members in which MacDonald said he was cleaning out his office and washing his hands of the party as long as Kimball remains Chairman.

In addition, the party’s Field Director Jake Avery attempted to resign from the party after Kimball was caught on camera signing a petition to allow the Libertarian Party on the state ballot, a move that violates the GOP’s bylaws and is grounds for Kimball’s removal. Wrobleski asked Avery to stay just last week, but sources tell NH journal he will be leaving the party, as well.


Author: Shawn Millerick

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  • Fred Leonard

    As both a Republican and a state representative,
    I’ve grown tired of the constant missteps, malfeasance and outright
    incompetence of the NH GOP. As a result of their disappointing conduct,
    bad judgment and negligence, I’m firing the NH GOP. They no longer represent me as a member of the Republican Party in New Hampshire effective immediately. Their
    actions have become an unbearable embarrassment to me and I no longer
    want the weight of their ineptitude hanging around my neck anymore. Too
    many people are working too hard to simply have all the good work we do
    marginalized by the misfits from the NH GOP. Enough is enough and
    they’re fired!

    • Carla34

      Hard work has been demonstrated by Chairman Kimball.  More time is spent by republicans infighting than banding together.  None of these issues would ever be so dramatically reported by you or the NH Journal  if the NHGOP received full support.  No matter what the Dems do: they support each other and work through their issues.  Shame on you!

      • Voteobamaout

        Things are not what they seem and NH Journal doesnt have their fact straight and is making them up as they go along.  They created the fall impression there is a lot of in fighting and tht Wayne McDonald left the GOP building becuse of it.   This is not what the UNion Leadedr reproted and not what one can  assume if you knew Wayne.   Sean is making things up according to his own imagination.   How much are the  Dems paying you?

    • Shawn T. Donahue

      Fred you do not represent me up here in Coos County, nor do you represent me as a NH GOP State committee member. If you want to quit, that is your right, but you cannot fire
      Jack Kimball (who we legally elected) as our Chairperson! If you want to discuss incompetence, then why is Wayne MacDonald still vice-Chairperson with not being able to elect a Republican governor for every one of his terms (and he cannot count Craig Benson, who did not have Wayne’s or anyone else help at the GOP headquarters, and they in fact caused him to lose against John Lynch, imho!), he is responsible for the legal and financials problems the last 3 terms of his tenure, in addition I personally have had him not keep his word twice on providing information to us up here in Coos, that I asked him in person and provided him reminders in email. He is incompetent, a liar and does not enforce our party platform, nor have the personality or conviction to lead our party in NH. Wayne and Will caused us alot of delays in electing a new committee for our county (Coos), and have not been communicating any updates, events, or data, since Jack took over, so it looks obvious to me that they have just been trying to make him look bad, at all of OUR expense (pun intended! :()

  • Chris Buck

    A couple corrections: First, Wayne did not say he will not go to the NHGOP office as long as Jack is there. In fact, Wayne said, “Please be advised that, effective immediately, I will not be going to the Republican State Headquarters on a regular basis. Please do not call for me there, because I will not be checking my messages and I have asked that my voicemail be stopped. I will go there for specific purposes only… I hope that you are enjoying this fleeting summer and look forward to seeing you at the next executive committee meeting, if not before.” Wayne is a great asset to this Republican Party, and whatever his reasons for no longer working at the NHGOP office, those are his own. He should not be misquoted or have words put in his mouth.

    Secondly, Jack did not violate the State Party bylaws. The provision formerly cited in your article, No. 4 “Qualifications,” says that a member of the NHGOP may not support a “political committee or a defined group of individuals… endorsing a candidate for elected office from another political party, when there is a candidate nominated by the Republican Party for that office.” There is a difference between supporting a committee that exists to advance a candidate, and signing a petition to allow a third party on the ballot. This is also the same distinction that allows candidate committees to not have to file as PAC’s. A candidate committee is commonly understood to be a group of individuals that support a particular candidate.

    And lastly a comment. Have you ever heard of something so absurd as an Executive Director being fired and continuing to say that he “won’t resign”?

    • Fred Leonard

      Chris, you’re a such an apologist…this is like catching the CEO of Coke drinking a Pepsi in public…Jack clearly violated the NH GOP…in either case, I’ve already fired the NH GOP…