GOP ground game flexes outreach muscle in New Hampshire

A Monday morning memo from the Republican National Committee (RNC) touted the depth of the group’s expansive ground game efforts, reaching heights surpassing 2008 across the board.

“We’ve knocked on nearly 2 million more doors than in all of 2008, and we’ve made six times more phone calls than at this point four years ago,” read the memo from Political Director Rick Wiley. The group, working in conjunction with the Romney campaign, has prepared a four stage operation that is now entering phase two. The first step keyed in on Voter Identification, which has “identified more than 2.2 million swing voters” since its onset.

The second step now centers around absentee ballots, with turning out early voters set to ramp up “sooner than in years past.” Closing out the four-step plan is, of course, turning out voters by the droves on Election Day.

In New Hampshire, the RNC reports its efforts have led to “3 times more phone calls and 8 times more door knocks than this time in ’08.”

The GOP’s grassroots efforts are likely buoyed by the economic numbers that have confronted the state since President Obama took office. A separate, Granite-centric memo also issued by the GOP’s national arm this morning detailed the harsh reality currently confronting the state’s jobs market.

Since 2009, the memo reads, “New Hampshire has lost 14,000 and the unemployment rate has increased from 5.2 percent to 5.7 percent,” with it rising from 5.4 to 5.7 percent in August alone. Such numbers are accompanied by an attack on the Obama administration’s expansion of food stamps, as participation in New Hampshire has “increased by 60 percent.”

An especially harsh statement noted that the number of unemployed workers statewide matched the entire population of Concord.

Author: Staff Reporter

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