Gen. Petraeus to Sen. Ayotte on Brown-Ayotte bill: “The sooner the better”

Gen. David Petraeus endorses Sen. Kelly Ayotte’s “No Contracting with the Enemy” legislation:

Author: Patrick Hynes

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  • sirwinston7

    This is almost too funny and obsene to even mention.Ayotte and Patraeus, not dealing with the enemy..that would include just about everyone of the Bush Administration and all of their shareholders and probably every member of congress who have shares in weapons manufactures,,every bank inside of the USA and all other banks outside of the USA. What were you thinking Kelley Ayotte. You are in the big league now, people outside of NH do read.
    Why do you think people become members of congress, to make things happen..for themselves.
    There is very few members of congress who really do care about the USA and the people..and they live in Vermont.