Gay marriage group run exclusively from New York and DC, documents reveal

The entire leadership of the controversial gay marriage advocacy group Standing Up for New Hampshire Families consists of lawyers and activists from New York City and Washington, DC, new documents obtained by NH Journal reveal. In fact, judging strictly from these organizational documents, the group has no connection to the Granite State whatsoever.

The official Articles of Agreement for the nonprofit corporation Standing Up for New Hampshire Families on file with the New Hampshire Secretary of State [appended below] reveal that the five “persons associating together to form the corporation”: include: Evan Wolfson and Marc Solomon from New York, as well as Martin Rouse, Karin Quimby and Elizabeth Getman from Washington, DC. Not one name from New Hampshire even appears on the documents.

“It’s as though they aren’t even pretending to be a grassroots group anymore,” one conservative activist told NH Journal.

None of the founders of Standing Up for New Hampshire Families has any apparent ties to the Granite State.

Mr. Rouse is the Field Director for the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), a powerful national gay marriage lobby. In 2008, Rouse urged gay donors to “target” New Hampshire because the “small state” has “national impact.”

Karin Quimby is also affiliated with HRC. She is the author of a text book titled “Queer Frontiers.”

Solomon and Wolfson are both affiliated with the national Freedom to Marry organization. Solomon’s writings make clear that he has little interest in New Hampshire. Instead he’s simply focused on a strategy to “win more states.”

Getman is an attorney with the Washington law firm Sandler, Reiff, Young & Lamb, P.C.

The revelation of these documents adds new intrigue to the swirling controversy between rival gay marriage lobby groups that are – or were – both funded completely through the same pool of out-of-state special interest money. It also demonstrates the intricate web of groups, sub-groups and front groups designed to advance the national organization’s ultimate goal: Full blown gay marriage across the country.

Standing Up for New Hampshire Families is a brand new offshoot of a national lobbying organization called Freedom to Marry. Until recently the national organization was the virtually exclusive funder of a separate organization called New Hampshire Freedom to Marry, which was, again until recently, headed up by activists Mo Baxey and Claire Ebel. But earlier this month Baxley saw her funding and her salary abruptly cut off by the national organization. Instead, Freedom to Marry now exclusively funds Standing Up for New Hampshire Families. And without that national funding, Baxley’s group is penniless and all but defunct.

The split and the cutoff of cash have created a good deal of acrimony within gay marriage circles. According to a recent Boston Globe story:

[NH Freedom to Marry Chairwoman Claire] Ebel said Standing Up for New Hampshire Families cut New Hampshire Freedom to Marry out of any meaningful decision-making and essentially tried to tell her group what to do.

“I’m chair of the organization and we were not invited in any meaningful way to participate,’’ said Ebel. “Once funding was cut off, we could not afford staff.’’

These disagreements have resulted in certain facts leaking out to the public and the press; specifically, that the effort to pass gay marriage in 2009 was funded by out-of-state money and once it was successful the financiers disassociated with New Hampshire activists almost immediately. That success was costly in other ways, as well. Numerous state legislators who voted for gay marriage – many of who had once promised they would do no such thing – were voted out of office and replaced by pro-traditional marriage candidates.

It is unclear how both the caustic split in the gay marriage community and the recent revelation about its out-of-state origins will impact efforts to overturn the gay marriage law that the New Hampshire House is now considering.

Standing Up for NH Families

Author: Shawn Millerick

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  • Anonymous

    Here’s a resolution to the troubled marriage pollution:
    All folks who reject the Grate State of NH’s tinkering with the definition of marriage must boycott said State’s licensing and otherwise control of such relation and dissolution thereof.  Sure would settle a lot of bad blood between the masses.
    – C. dog circles the flock to bring them together

  • Brother André Marie, M.I.C.M.

    So the advocates of unnatural “marriage” are disingenuous opportunists? And they slap each other when they get in spats?

    Somehow, I’m not surprised.

    • Alvin McEwen

      You call yourself a “brother” with a hateful mouth like that? Why am I not surprised? Another hypocrite in the cloth.

      • Brother André Marie, M.I.C.M.

        I am a brother, Alvin. My words are neither hateful nor hypocritical, but descriptive of reality. The homosexual agitants who are subverting public morals do exactly what I said they do.

        It stands to reason: If someone believes lies about certain fundamentals of human nature, and if he abuses that same nature regularly, then both lying and cruelty become habitual.

        • Greg B.

          I wouldn’t describe your words as hateful and hypocritical. Bigoted sums it up nicely though. What you refer to as “morals” is in reality persecution of a segment of the population based on nothing more than ignorance and ancient fairytales. That sort of “morality” may have a place within the boundaries of Catholicism but in public policy, it deserves to be subverted. And evidently you’re blind to the irony of somebody from the Catholic church preaching about habitual lying and cruelty.

          • Brother André Marie, M.I.C.M.

            Greg: “Ancient fairytales” don’t tell me that proven physically and mentally unhealthy deeds (homosexual acts) are immoral.

            Since you don’t specify what these fairy tales are, I am left to guess that they are aspects of the Catholic Creed that you somehow find ridiculous.

            I think you would find fault with us if the Catholic Church DID NOT preach against lying and cruelty.

            My guess is that you’d prefer that the Church just go away. It won’t. Founded by Jesus Christ (the God-Man) about 2,000 years ago, she will continue to teach God’s truth until the end of time. She will also continue to teach true morals, and the way to man’s ultimate happiness.

  • Greg B.

    Why no mention of NOM – the out of state, Washington D.C. based group bringing millions into New Hampshire’s elections and trying to overturn the marriage equality law passed the people of New Hampshire’s elected representatives? They have a website where they claim to be “coalition of Granite State citizens”. Not true – they’re an out of state anti-gay lobbying group funded largely by the Catholic Church. And they’ve been caught trying to trick NH’s people by misrepresenting photos of gatherings (such as an ’08 Obama rally) as New Hampshirites gathering to support NOM’s divisive cause:

    Come on, Mr. Millerick, you’re only telling part of the story.

  • Don Gardner

    why no mention of the “catholic church” a foreign government run by a dictator for life using paid professional agents with lifetime secure employment that offers its agents (through a protection scheme and a system of payoffs) protection from local laws to influence political events in other countries.

  • Gabriel Macus

    This looked like it might be a good article, but it doesn’t deliver.  You haven’t looked at “documents.”  You have looked only at a single document, the articles of incorporation.  And while that tells you that the  initial incorporators don’t reside in NH, it tells you nothing about who will be running the group going forward.  It certainly doesn’t tell you that the group is being “run exclusively” from the places where the incorporators reside.  To know whether this is true, you would need to understand how the group is organized, how decisions are made corporately, and who the officers and employees are.  That might require actually picking up a telephone and interviewing someone.

    Also, the article fails to cite to any sources for the claims that: i) “the effort to pass gay marriage in 2009 was funded by out-of-state money
    and once it was successful the financiers disassociated with New
    Hampshire activists almost immediately.” and; ii)  “many” of the NH legislators who voted for same-sex marriage had promised to do no such thing.

    This is an important topic and I would welcome a real investigative piece.  But tossing out allegations with no evidence is shoddy journalism.

  • Tom

    I am so glad to see her gone from the NHGOP.  she was terrible, maybe she do some terrible press releases for this group to.  Jack, Binnie and Bender brought a lot of these RINO’s in and I can’t wait till they are gone because they serve no purpose for Republicans and do more harm than good.  By the way Barrata is a Mass resident maybe she should go back to her stay and screw it up instead of NH