Fundraising problems for the DCCC? Group cuts ad buys for NH races

Democrats aren’t often linked to spending cuts, but when it comes to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s (DCCC) television budget, they seem to have a new-found appreciation for fiscal conservatism.

Maybe they figured their cameramen couldn’t handle ‘Kukoo’ Kuster’s strongarming.

At any rate, the campaign arm of House Democrats is substantially scaling back its spending in several major northeastern media markets, with the implications having a potential impact on New Hampshire congressional seats.

According to a report from Roll Call, on Wednesday the DCCC “cut more than $1 million in television time in Pennsylvania market…in addition to eliminating major reservations in Boston and Chicago, according to a Democrat who tracks media buys.”

The cuts to Boston-area advertising total out to some $650,000 and deal blows to Democrats in “two competitive House races in nearby New Hampshire.”
Of course, the Democrats in question are Carol-Shea Porter and Annie Kuster.

Adding to the bad headlines for the DCCC, the group has yet to release its fundraising totals for September.

Meanwhile, a press release from the Committee’s counterpart on the right, National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), shows that it entered October with $29.5 million on hand, following raising $12.4 million last month.

“Does the DCCC have an adequate amount of cash on hand for the next 27 days,” asks Paul Lindsay, NRCC communications director, “or have they completely outsourced their spending to labor groups and Democrat Super PACs?”

Let’s just hope Annie Kuster doesn’t feel compelled to take matters into her own hands any further to get her message out.

Author: Staff Reporter

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