Funding for martini bars, insect studies highlighted in ‘Carol Shea-Pelosi’ Tax Receipt

With less than a week left until Election Day, the Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF) is releasing yet another barrage of itemized government spending that 1st District Democratic Congressional candidate Carol Shea-Porter supported during her two terms in office.

CLF’s latest ‘Carol Shea-Pelosi’ Tax Receipt details a number of weird and wacky earmarks and appropriations included in the Nancy Pelosi-backed stimulus bill Shea-Porter enthusiastically supported. This week’s list is particularly appropriate given that today is Halloween.

Among the taxpayer-funded items listed on the receipt are:

· A Museum to Honor Mules in California

· A Shrimp Study in Louisiana

· Funds for the Napa Valley Wine Train

· Study of the Learning Pattern of Honeybees

· Study of Mating Decisions of Cactus Bugs

· Funds for a Martini Bar and Brazilian Steakhouse

· Study of Marijuana and Malt Liquor Consumption

· Abandoned Train Station Converted Into Museum

· A Study of Drunk Mice

· Interactive Dance Software Development

· Forest Service to Replace Windows in Visitor Center Closed in 2007

By all indications, Granite Staters did not get to enjoy the martini bars and wine trains Shea-Porter was busy funding with their money.

“Over the last six weeks, CLF has highlighted just a few of the trillions of dollars that Carol Shea-Porter supported in skyrocketing tax hikes and outrageous spending sprees,” said Spokeswoman Brook Hougesen in a statement, “It’s clear that Granite State families simply cannot afford two years of being taxed to death under the Shea-Pelosi regime.”

View this week’s ‘Carol Shea-Pelosi’ Tax Receipt below:

Author: Staff Reporter

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