Friday the 13th for Maggie Hassan’s ‘Tax of the Day’

Maybe Friday the 13th for healthcare facilities while Hassan was a state Senator is more fitting?

The Democratic nominee for governor isn’t catching any breaks on the tax increase barrage, as tax #13 comes on a Friday of all days, and again involves healthcare facilities.

This morning’s blast from Ovide Lamontagne’s campaign points to a vote on medical plans cast by Hassan in 2008. Yesterday’s tax increases revolved around bed costs for healthcare facilities, among others, but today’s takes a look at registration fees for discount medical plans.

Per the campaign’s email, through HB 858 “the legislature imposed a $300 initial registration fee on all discount medical plans as well as a $150 annual renewal fee, with the goal being to ‘promote the public interest.’”

The tagline ‘promoting the public interest’ is further mocked by Lamontagne’s campaign, which derides Hassan as believing “it is in the public interest to drive up the cost of healthcare in New Hampshire.”

Author: Staff Reporter

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