Four years ago as a CEO, Walt dissed Tea Party as ‘teabaggers’

A 17-second snippet of 2010 video in which Republican candidate for governor Walt Havenstein disses the Tea Party as “teabaggers” is being circulated among some conservatives in New Hampshire.







While speaking to business students at the University of New Hampshire, Havenstein says, “We got a lot of problems in this country. The teabaggers or whatever they are, they have been telling us that all summer long, alright? Isn’t that who they are? I am a little out of touch.”



Havenstein was a CEO in private business at the time.



Now that he is a candidate for governor, he has been accused by Democrats of siding with the Tea Party by favoring right-to-work legislation and opposing Medicaid expansion. In April, the state Democratic Party charged by Havenstein, by proposing budget cuts, was “following the example” of Tea Party-affiliated former New Hampshire House speaker Bill O’Brien, who was speaker from 2010 to 2012.



Now, Havenstein faces a product of the Tea Party and liberty movement in the GOP primary for governor, Andrew Hemingway.



Havenstein took heat for the video Friday on the conservative “Granite Grok” website.



“Once again we are shown that the GOP has no idea what they are doing and continues to pick candidates who are the antithesis of ‘Live Free or Die’ New Hampshire,” wrote activist Kimberly Morin.


Hemingway  issued a statement:


“Whether one likes the ‘Tea Party’ or doesn’t like the ‘Tea Party,’ everyone should be offended by this. People have referred to me as a Tea Partier and I always say this: If you mean an average citizen worried about the future of our country as it relates to over-taxation, over-regulation and limited liberty who is willing to stand up and work?  Then fine.  That’s who these people are.



“Moreover, Walt is asking to represent these people that he just showed such complete disrespect to.   People say the Republican Party is divided.  They actually blame liberty activists and Tea Party Members for that divide.  But it is only the Washington establishment-chosen candidate that refers to fellow Republicans in a sexually derogatory manner.



“I call on Walt Havenstein to apologize.  I want him to apologize to me and to every single mother, father, and student who for several years have spent precious time working to promote the ideas of liberty and freedom from government intrusion. “



Havvenstein’s campaign  on Saturday issued this statement from  Havenstein:


“As anyone who watches the full video can clearly see, I was talking about the positive impact that the Republican victory in the 2010 elections had on shaking up the status quo.  So it was obviously a poor choice of words.
“The great thing about our democracy is that we get to shake things up every two years, which is what I want to do this November.  The people of New Hampshire have had enough of overspending and tax increases, and I am committed to shrinking government, spending less and lowering taxes.”





Author: John DiStaso

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  • Earl Harding

    Havvenstein was the CEO at SAIC when it was found to be overcharging the Federal Government on contracts. SAIC split into 2 entities, new SAIC and Leidos.

    The share price on Leidos collapsed and the company issues 2 stock buybacks for a total of $500 Million to prop the stock price up for investors.

    Of course, pay raises for those that actually work there were below the rate of inflation.

    Havvenstein no friend to the common man and he sees the Federal Government simply as a means to support his big business friends with crony capitalism.
    I would rather vote for a dead chipmunk.

    • Nick

      I have worked with SAIC on civilian efforts. I found that they would charge 3-4 times as much as I could get by going to a non beltway bandit group. I ALWAYS was checking on their costs, and was about to fire them when the project was canceled (I came in later as PM and found that the project was going way over budget and the contractors were treating it like a goodie bag).

      This is the reason a lot of military contracts are much more expensive. It used to be that you wanted a “hardened” supply line, and that cost. Now these companies are using the same things that commercial groups are using for their supply lines and are still bidding at higher costs.

      It is indeed crony capitalism. NH, please don’t elect this punk.

  • Beto_Ochoa

    This is an epithet on par or worse than any racist jibe. From one who spits upon liberty and rights, Seeking only to keep you down and he and his a station higher so you will know your place.

  • Nick Berio

    These people will learn from their mistakes. Only when it’s too late.

    • Rich Vail

      That’s why we need to dump the GOP and start fresh. A Conservative Party is what America needs, since the “elite lieadershp” of the GOP has almost literally become Democrat Lite. They are part and parcel of what is wrong with our nation. They have gone along to get along for so long, they are part of the problem and not part of the solution. Eric Cantor is an excellent example…he lost because he forgot that the base of the party doesn’t want what the leadership wants. So, he’s set to become a private citizen come January.

  • RobSiegmund

    Why say “dissed” when you mean “maligned”? Ain’t not people who right for a living not know more better?

  • Arch

    I’m a supporter of the Tea Party Movement. TPM’s basic principles are adherence to the Constitution, fiscal responsibility and national sovereignty.

    America a nation of laws, the basis which are set forth in plain English in the Constitution and its Amendments. The role of the document is to protect the citizens from abuses by the government.

    The Federal Government is required produce budgets, appropriate funds and enforce spending bills. The process is laid out in Article I, Sections 7.

    America is a sovereign nation with both the right and the responsibility to enforce our borders, defend ourselves and our allies and act in our national interest.

    To which of these principles does he object?

    • ChuckUnderscore

      All of them, I suspect.

      • Insufficiently Sensitive

        I really don’t understand how people, of any political persuasion, can refer to the Tea Party in this manner.
        I can understand. After the Tea Party upset the applecart of the democrat/media alliance in 2010, nearly every reference to the Tea Party in ‘news’ stories has been dismissive or derogatory. That constant drumbeat from the sources of almost everyone’s information on current events has seeped, as a form of intellectual pollution, into people’s subconscious. They take it for granted, as Walt Havenstein does in the video unquestioningly, and just feel in their guts that ‘everybody’ has the same spite for the Tea Party – without bothering to learn anything about it.

    • Rich Vail

      …only those that limit his power…just ask Barack.

    • gotroy22

      RINOs love One Big Party Socialism as long as they are in on the goodies.

    • Bird666

      Thanks, Arch. That was perfectly succinct and spot on.

    • richard40

      Actually it sounded to me like Haverstien supported all those things, plus right to work, opposing Medicaid expansion, and cutting the budget. He should apologize for his tea bagger reference, but otherwise he seems OK to me.

  • Tina Espy

    Wow… I can just stay home. And when I do…R’s lose. And, until R’s grow up…I’m happy to stay home…not donate to R’s. Good luck, Walt.

    • Rich Vail

      Better to go to the polls in the primary and vote against his sorry ass. That way, We The People can send a message to our “elite” party leadership. “you’re going the wrong way.” Either that, or its time to dump the party and start fresh.

      • Tina Espy

        Great point, but voting for the liberal means I’m endorsing socialism. So…I’d rather hang with my 3.5 year old daughter. At least she’s human.

        • Bird666

          R’s aren’t really “winning” if this is who they are, no?

        • Rich Vail

          No, the primary is in a few weeks…vote for his opponent, who is a genuine support of the goals of the TPM.

  • Rich Vail

    Don’t vote for this despicable douche bag…

  • Robert Engler

    “I’m a little out of touch.” Do tell.

  • SaraB55

    Republicans deserve to lose this election.

    • Despiser_of_Libs

      Democrats deserve to be publicly flogged, imprisoned and then sent to Mexico..

  • LouAnnWatson

    rino. funny how you’ll still beg tea party identifiers for their cash though…i must get two emails a day just because i gave $20 to the romney campaign. i’ll never waste my money again.

  • CaliforniaIsADream

    Be clear; this turmoil only benefits Democrats. Remember what RR said “Vote for the Most Conservative Candidate…that can WIN!” Don’t get your heads turned by distractions that only give us more Democrats. Jim Jeffords, Senator from Vermont and a certifiable lib Rino still had an ACA rating of 74%. To eventually get to where you want, sometimes you eat a little crap. Man up and vote for the final outcome of a primary. Like it or no, pretty much any Republican is better and more reliable that a crapassed Dumocrat.

    • Despiser_of_Libs

      “Herding Cats is always more difficult than herding Sheep”.

    • SVT

      Tell that to Hagenstein – we are sick of being told that “winning is most important” by GOPE types who don’t practice what they preach.

  • Despiser_of_Libs

    Why does this man hate a Gay sex act so much? Is it gross? Yes. But really if the Gays that want to Teabag each other in the privacy of their own house then who am I to stop them from teabagging each other? What am I missing?

  • Mark Power

    Walt Havenstein is typical RINO scum. He might as well be a Democrat.

  • Hank Seiter

    Lying fascist pig. This RINO is just as bad as neo-Marxist Democrats. He may as well be an Obagger.

    • richard40

      Not many rhinos support right to work, oppose Medicaid expansion, favor budget cuts, and are hated on by leftie dems. Haverstien sounds fine to me. Lighten up.

  • D. McClory

    The man has the right idea, and his statement was actually sympathetic to what tea party people have been saying. However, he speaks from a milieu that does not know, and hates, tea party people. Such a person as Havenstein should be welcomed into the fold (he still should apologize, though).

  • richard40

    He used the wrong terminology in 2010, which he should apologize for. But his statement now about the tea party, that they are essentially mainstream people with mainstream views, is actually quite good, so I would not fault him much. this particular tea partier could vote for him. And lets not start behaving like leftist dems, and punishing somebody forever for one statement in the past.

  • Adam Samuels

    Hey, Walt. We’re a Constitutional Republic, based on Democratic principles – not a “Democracy”. Out of touch, indeed.

  • Sagettaurus

    “’Once again we are shown that the GOP has no idea what they are doing and continues to pick candidates who are the antithesis of ‘Live Free or Die’ New Hampshire,’ wrote activist Kimberly Morin.”

    New Hampshire in general does have a bad habit of picking candidates that are the antithesis of ‘Live Free or Die’ such as Jeanne Shaheen, Maggie Hassan, Barack Obama, etc. Should be renamed ‘Free Birth Control or Die’.

    And for some stupid reason, the GOP keeps letting this liberal state have massive influence on selecting the standard bearer for the presidential election with an OPEN primary (meaning both dems and reps vote in it).

  • Carty1

    Haverstein sounds like the status quo! People like him just don’t get it? Does he even have a clue? To me he’s already with the establishment. Why don’t he study the reason the original Boston Tea Party was started before spewing his rhetoric! Over taxation, raping our Constitution and “we the people” disagreeing with our representatives. That’s why this country is in such turmoil. I pray and hope Americans wake up.