Former ‘Republicans for Lynch’ back Lamontagne

In an op-ed published in today’s New Hampshire Union Leader, five former members of “Republicans for Lynch” publicly declared their support for Republican gubernatorial nominee Ovide Lamontagne. An excerpt is below:

Maggie Hassan is no John Lynch. As Republicans who publicly supported Democratic Gov. Lynch in his final reelection bid two years ago, we are bemused to see Mrs. Hassan and her supporters attempting to convince New Hampshire voters that she and the governor are cut from the same political cloth.

The former coalition members who co-wrote the endorsement are, per a Lamontagne press release, the “Honorable Bernie Streeter, Honorable Dick Green, Honorable Grif Dalianis, Honorable Ted Connors and Steve Griffin.” While rapping Hassan as “no John Lynch,” the group showered Lamontagne with glowing praise, and likening him to Governor Lynch, stating:

Like Gov. Lynch, Ovide’s appeal is broad because voters can trust his steady, principled and respectful approach to problem-solving. Voters across the political spectrum are drawn to Ovide because they know his experience has taught him that good public policies do not have “Republican” or Democrat” attached to them.

Three other members of the ‘Republicans for Lynch’ coalition have previously endorsed Lamontagne, those being “Joel Maiola, Jim Schubert, and Kimon Zachos.”

While Governor Lynch himself has endorsed Hassan, who was defeated in her state Senate re-election bid just two years ago, he has been absent on the trail as of late.

Author: Staff Reporter

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