Former NHDP Chair defends controversial Obama Super PAC ad

A television ad from pro-Obama Super PAC Priorities USA that seeks to tie Mitt Romney to a man losing his job when a steel plant was shut down by Romney’s former company, Bain Capital, and the subsequent death of his wife, although both occurrences took place years after Romney left his position at the company, has become the subject of widespread controversy and media scrutiny.

WMUR reports: “Fact check organizations have called the ad grossly misleading for several reasons. The woman died five years after the plant closed. For two years after the closure, she had her own insurance through her own employer.”

The RNC today released a video highlighting the Obama campaign’s response to the controversy, in which Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutler denied knowing any of the facts about the man quoted in the ad. As the video reveals, he was featured on an Obama campaign conference call earlier in the election cycle.

Watch the video below:

In a New Hampshire-related development, former New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Kathy Sullivan reacted to WMUR’s story with scorn, asking if the ad was the target of criticism because it was “too effective.”

The New Hampshire RNC Victory organization promptly called Sullivan on the carpet, asking the Granite State chapter of the Obama campaign via Twitter if it agreed with her defense of the ad. Sullivan is known for her outspoken liberalism, but defending an ad that has been widely discredited by non-partisan fact checking organizations and is being lambasted by members of the liberal media may be one of the most extreme positions she has taken.

Author: Staff Reporter

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