Former Gov. Sununu: I’m Romney campaign’s “crazy old uncle”

Former New Hampshire Governor John H. Sununu detailed his role as a surrogate for GOP nominee Mitt Romney in an interview with the National Review’s Jim Geraghty late last week, including whether the famously pugnacious Granite State pol would be an “attack dog” on the campaign trail.

“On life as a surrogate for the campaign, and whether he’s one of the designated attack dogs:

“‘I am like the old crazy uncle that [the campaign] calls on every once in a while. (laughter) When they need some strong clarity, they have me do some television and radio. The county is in such desperate straits right now, instead of sitting at home and watching everyone else do it, I told them I’d be an active part of whatever they need.'”

Sununu also spoke to his ability to be increasingly candid, as he no longer holds elected office:

“On whether he’s freer to speak more pugnaciously than other Romney surrogates who are still in elected office:

“‘That would be a more valid thesis if I had been any different when I was in office. Life is too short to be… too subtle at times.'”

Author: Staff Reporter

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