For the 1st time in MLB history, all Division Series sets will come down to a deciding game

The only thing facing a mightier collapse than the Cincinnati Reds is my prediction record for these playoffs. Though I’m a bit late uploading, yesterday’s post and predictions are online; it’s a matter of full-disclosure.

That being said, I’ll offer a quick recap of my predictions yesterday, how they failed, where they succeeded and what we’re looking at moving forward on the road to the Fall Classic.

As I so accurately refused to predict yesterday, the San Francisco Giants finished the drill and eliminated the Reds, bringing the term ‘choke artist’ full circle. The Reds were one victory away from advancing the National League Championship Series, but somehow managed to avoid doing once what they did NINETY-SEVEN times in the regular season. It just goes to show that all bets are off once the second season gets underway.

No, it’s not that I’m some sort of die-hard Reds fan. Not at all. I just predicted them to get in the World Series is the thing. Bitterness wins.

The one pick that was legitimately called correctly was the Nationals winning to force a deciding game with the St. Louis Cardinals, and they did so with a walkoff homerun no less. However, I also predicted that the Cardinals would win tonight’s deal-breaker and, while the manner of such a win may swing momentum in the Nats’ favor, flip-flopping is John Kerry’s deal, not Sports Guy’s.

The Tigers did what most everyone except me said they would and eliminated the A’s. It was a risky pick on my part and the gentlemen from Detroit made me look pathetic by dominating the game on each side of the ball.

Meanwhile, Baltimore also got the best of oddsmakers, every reasonable measure of simulation and myself by winning an extra-inning thriller, the longest postseason game in Baltimore’s history if I’m not mistaken. The last two games of this clash have lived up to the hype of to American League East foes going at it, and I expect no different in the deciding game.

Saying that seems an appropriate segway into today’s predictions. Heading into yesterday’s games, Sports Guy stood at 4-2 overall in predictions; that mark has now dropped to 5-4. I declined to predict the Reds-Giants game because of some childish excuse.

Anyways, like I said, the Nationals have possibly been buoyed into more momentum than forecasted because of Jason Werth’s walkoff slam yesterday, but I’m on the record saying the Cardinals would win Game Five. I stand by that, so as much as it drives me to sleep to say this, we will have a Cardinals vs. Giants NLCS.

The Yankees will also emerge victorious today. C.C. Sabathia is simply too much of a force on his own right to be taken down by a Baltimore team that is lacking in big-game experience.

Full disclosure: I hope the Orioles prove me wrong, again.

Author: Sports Guy

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