Florida GOP leader blasts NH as “syrup farmers” in primary rant

The Chairman of the Orange County Republican Committee in Florida has launched a broadside against New Hampshire’s historic first-in-the-nation presidential primary. In an e-mail to fellow Florida Republican Committee members, Lew Oliver says, “only a drunken twit would design such a system.”

Also in his correspondence, Oliver trashes the Boston Red Sox, the postal service, e-mail and the Republican National Committee. He capitalizes words and phrases where it appears he feels very strongly about something and makes frequent and redundant use of punctuation, as well.

However, he never gets around to explaining why New Hampshire should lose its historic role other than the fact that the Red Sox – which are based in Boston, Massachusetts, not New Hampshire – “suck.”

Instead, Oliver makes a specious and unsupported argument that unless Florida votes early, Obama will win re-election and America will become “France with baseball.” While making the argument that Florida will likely be the largest swing state in 2012, he appears to confuse the primary calendar with the General Election.


Author: Shawn Millerick

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