Granite Reports: 1st Shaheen camp TV ad of campaign focuses on vets issues

SUNDAY, MAY 4: SHAHEEN CAMP AD: VETS SPOT: The Jeanne Shaheen campaign’s first TV ad of the U.S. Senate campaign is in fact a spot talking about her  work for veterans and bringing veterans clinics to the state.

Granite Reports initially reported on the ad on Friday. See item below.

Today, we’ve learned the ad features Dwight Clark, past commander of the American Legion Post 4 in Keene.

Shaheen had worked on securing a clinic for the Keene area for several years and announced the impending opening of the Keene Outreach Clinic in September 2011..

“As the Monadnock region’s first veterans’ health services facility, the clinic will offer full-time primary care and part-time mental health services to the several thousand veterans in the region,” Shaheen said in a press release at the time.

FRIDAY, MAY 2: SHAHEEN’S FIRST TV AD. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen’s campaign is set to launch its first television ad of the campaign.

Granite Reports has learned the ad is set to air on WMUR and New Hampshire cable from Sunday through May 10. The buy is about $90,000.

This is the Shaheen campaign’s second overall ad of the campaign. The campaign aired a radio ad criticizing Republican Scott Brown for not taking “The People’s Pledge” in March.

Brown’s campaign has aired one television ad so far in the campaign

Outside third party groups, such as Americans for Prosperity and the Senate Majority PAC, have run several television ads on both sides.

While the specific message in the Shaheen new ad is unclear, we understand it is a positive ad talking about Shaheen’s work for and with veterans.

(Earlier Granite Reports follow.)

TUESDAY, APRIL 29: LATEST FROM PERRY. Texas Gov. Rick Perry told a crowd in Ohio late Monday that he isn’t sure if he’s going to run for President, but will “spend time in preparation” just in case.

Republican Perry, continuing a tour of states to recruit businesses to Texas, was basking in the glow of Toyota’s decision this week to move its U.S. from California to his state.

“I don’t know whether I’m going to run for the presidency,” Perry said in Westlake, Ohio, according to the web site “I’m going to spend the time in preparation, whether it’s on foreign policy” or economics and other domestic issues.

Perry said his failure to gain traction during the 2012 presidential campaign “was one of the most interesting and humbling experience I’ve ever gone through in my life.”

As Granite Reports first reported last Saturday, about a dozen New Hampshire officials and activists plan to visit Perry in Austin, Texas in late May. Veteran GOP strategist Michael Dennehy is organizing the trip.

Perry may want to re-think one consideration before the meeting with the Granite Staters.

According to the Cleveland web site, he “expressed interest in a regional primary system in which states would vote in four regional blocs spaced out over several months and rotated each election cycle” but “stopped short of endorsing it.”

Such proposals have been suggested for many years, and have gone nowhere. Some such proposals have still included provisions to keep New Hampshire’s first-primary intact.

(See our exclusive Saturday report below on a group of New Hampshire activists and officials planning to travel to Texas in late May to meet with Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who may run for President in 2016. )

TUESDAY, APRIL 29: “STOP WASTEFUL BONUSES.” Republican U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte has joined with Democratic U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri to introducing legislation that  would prohibit bonuses for federal employees who are not in good standing with their agency or the law, according to Ayotte’s office.

The “Stop Wasteful Federal Bonuses Act” was prompted by a recent IRS Inspector General report that $2.8 million was paid in bonuses between 2010 and 2012 to 2,800 employees with conduct violations – including more than $1 million for over 1,100 IRS employees who are delinquent on their taxes.

 “Federal employees who have disciplinary problems or who haven’t paid their taxes shouldn’t be getting bonuses,” Ayotte said. “Taxpayers in New Hampshire and across the nation were alarmed by recent reports of IRS employees being awarded bonuses that they shouldn’t have received. This bipartisan legislation takes common sense steps to prevent workers with serious conduct infractions from receiving bonus pay.”

The Ayotte-McCaskill bill “would prohibit the head of an agency from awarding a bonus to an employee if the agency Inspector General, a senior ethics official of the agency, or the Government Accountability Office makes a determination that the employee’s conduct either violated agency policy for which the employee may be fired or suspended, or violated a law for which the employee may be imprisoned for more than one year,” according to the two senators.  “The bill would maintain the prohibition for five years.”

TUESDAY, APRIL 29. GAMBLING’S LAST GASP? All eyes will be on the State House Wednesday as the New Hampshire House takes up legislation that would allow for two casino gambling sites in the state.

The House has already rejected a single-casino plan this session and it has never approved expanded gambling, having considered it for at least the past 15 years.

But the earlier vote this session came before a state judge ruled the Medicaid Enhancement Tax unconstitutional, potentially blowing a $185 million hole in the current budget, according to the Standard and Poor’s bond rating in a report last week lowering its outlook of the state’s general obligation bonds.

The Senate bill would authorize two casinos with a total between them of 5,000 slot machines and240 table games. The bill was altered recently to distribute $25 million of the state’s “take” to cities and towns through a revenue sharing formula, ostensibly for property tax relief.

The state Lottery Commission has estimated the bill, with two casinos, would provide about $168 million for the state and about $480 million for the two casinos.

Gov. Maggie Hassan is strongly in favor of casino gambling for New Hampshire, but has limited her support to a single casino.

Republican candidate for governor Andrew Hemingway, meanwhile, will hold a news conference before the House session Wednesday to detail his plan to expand charitable gaming in the state.

Hemingway opposes casinos, but has proposed allowing charity gaming operators to add slot machines to their poker rooms.

In a statement Tuesday, Hemingway said, “I believe large campus-style casinos in New Hampshire are wrong for our retail businesses, wrong for the people, and wrong for the free market.  As governor, I will work with the legislature to develop new innovative ideas, such as the one I am proposing, that can benefit charities, communities and the state as a whole.

“Maggie Hassan has doubled down on the idea of mega-casinos to benefit handpicked out-of-state corporations to find a needed windfall to fill her budget hole.  That’s not the right path to solutions and an improved economy,” Hemingway said.

(Earlier Granite Reports follow.)

MONDAY, APRIL 28: HAVENSTEIN FINANCE LEADERS. Republican candidate for governor Walt Havenstein’s campaign has disclosed its finance committee chair and co-chair.

Campaign spokesman Henry Goodwin told the NH Journal that the campaign finance committee chair is Beverly Bruce of Tuftonboro, who was the state finance chair for Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign.

The co-chair is Chris Wolfe of Derry, former chair of the Derry Republican Town Committee and former Rockingham County chair of Romney’s campaign.

(TUESDAY, APRIL  29 UPDATE: The Havenstein campaign today issued a press release on the naming of Bruce and Wolfe:

Havenstein said: “I’m delighted to welcome Beverly and Chris to the team.  They bring extensive campaign experience and unmatched track records of fundraising in New Hampshire.”
Beverly Bruce will serve as the Chair of the Havenstein for Governor Finance Committee. Most recently, Ms. Bruce served as the New Hampshire Finance Chair for Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign, which was widely viewed as one of the most successful political fundraising efforts in state history.  She has extensive experience in the technology industry with significant business, strategic planning, and fundraising knowledge. Ms. Bruce was a senior executive at IBM in the early 1990s where her focus was software marketing.  She later served as the executive vice president and chief marketing officer at Exodus Communications and founded a consulting company, which provided strategy and planning services to major corporations and emerging startups. Ms. Bruce serves on numerous private and non-profit advisory boards.
Chris Wolfe will be Co-Chair of the Finance Committee. Mr. Wolfe served as the Rockingham County Chair for Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign, and was the Chairman of the Derry Republican Town Committee for ten years. He has long been considered one of New Hampshire’s top political organizers. Mr. Wolfe is currently President and CEO of MNR Technology Inc., a computer hardware manufacturer. He serves on the Board of the British American Business Council of New England and is a trustee of several charitable organizations.)

MONDAY, APRIL 28: GUINTA GIVES GRIMM DONATION TO NONPROFITS. New York U.S. Rep. Michael Grimm donated $2,500 to 1st District U.S. House candidate Frank Guinta’s campaign during the 2012 cycle, and now that Grimm has been indicted, Guinta is donating $2,500 to two nonprofits.

According to campaign spokesman Jay Ruais, Guinta’s campaign is donating $1,250 to the Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester and $1,250 to the Boys and Girls Club of Manchester.

According to the New York Daily News, Grimm was hit with a 20-count indictment charging he fraudulently under-reported the wages he paid his workers at his restaurant in Manhattan and hid about $1 million in sales and wages.

Grimm is also charged with obstruction and perjury for allegedly lying about his involvement in the business in a sworn deposition. He pleaded not guilty when he was arraigned at Brooklyn federal court on Monday.

MONDAY, APRIL 28: THE RETURN OF ‘MORNING JOE.’MSNBC talk show host and former U.S. Rep. Joe Scarborough will be back in New Hampshire this weekend.

Scarborough, who last appeared in the state in mid-March for the NHGOP’s Northeast leadership conference, will speak at the  Cheshire County GOP Lincoln Day dinner on Friday evening and then keyote the NHGOP state convention in Concord on Saturday.

He has been talked about as a potential 2016 presidential contender, although he has said he has no plans to run.

MONDAY, APRIL 28: RUBENS: CALLS FOR VA PROBE. Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate Jim Rubens is decrying reports that veterans died while waiting for medical care at a Veterans Administration hospital in Phoenix, Ariz.

According to a CNN report last week, veterans were placed on waiting lists as “part of an elaborate scheme designed by Veterans Affairs managers in Phoenix who were trying to hide that 1,400 to 1,600 sick veterans were forced to wait months to see a doctor.” CNN cited a recently retired top VA doctor and several other sources.

Rubens noted that earlier reports alleged the same practices had occurred at VA facilities in Georgia, South Carolina, Texas and Florida.  In another report, he noted, it is also alleged that administrators used falsified backlog records to secure bonus pay for themselves.  In 2011, the VA paid out $194 million in bonuses.

“It turns my stomach that government employees might be profiting while our heroes are dying waiting for the healthcare we owe them,” Rubens said.

 “Those responsible for this vile and heartless abuse of our veterans must be rooted out and held fully and publicly accountable. Until this is fixed, veterans on these extended wait lists must be given vouchers to obtain the care they deserve at the hospital or provider of their choice.”

Rubens noted that in April 2012, Nicholas Tolentino, who was an administrator at the VA Medical Center in Manchester, testified to the Senate Veteran Affairs Committee outlining widespread practices of falsely reporting wait times.  At the time, the Senate pledged to do something about it, with the chairperson even going as far as to say ‘This is not something we’re going to hold a hearing on and then leave and go do something else. I don’t want to continue to hear that anybody’s gaming this system.’”

“Unfortunately,” said Rubens, “nothing was ever done.”

Rubens said one of his GOP Senate primary opponents, Scott Brown, “served on the Veterans Affairs Committee, and was present at the Tolentino hearing.  After hearing the testimony, Senator Brown remarked that the Tolentino testimony was ‘mind-boggling.’

“New Hampshire citizens are sick and tired of Washington politicians who provide sound bites but not solutions,” said Rubens. “Rather than make the tough decision to hold people accountable and change the system immediately so our veterans receive the care they need, Scott Brown failed to lead and left the problem unresolved.  No action has been taken and veterans continue to suffer unnecessarily.”

“A system-wide review is in order, including VA healthcare facilities in New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts so that New Hampshire veterans experience no unwarranted care delays.”

MONDAY, APRIL 28: DEMOCRAT TANNER TO RUN FOR SENATE.  First-term state Rep. Linda Tanner, D-Sunapee made it official today. She will run for the District 8 state Senate seat being vacated by retiring Republican Bob Odell.

Republican who have already announced for the seat are state Republican Party vice chairman J.P. Marzullo and former New Hampshire Bankers Association president Jerry Little of Weare.

Tanner, 68, taught health, health occupations, and physical education for 35 years at Kearsarge Regional High School.

According to the New Hampshire House web site Tanner has her name on three bills in the current session. House Bill 1410, which would include household and domesticated animals under the domestic violence protection statute, has passed the House and is scheduled for a public hearing Tuesday in the state Senate.

House Bill 682, sent to interim study, would have outlawed the imposition of surcharges on credit card purchases. And House Resolution 26, passed by the House, honored the Cadet Nurse Corps.

MONDAY, APRIL 28: MORE GUINTA ENDORSEMENTS. The latest list of Guinta endorsements includes conservative activists Jeff Chidester of Rochester and Luke Freudenberg of Wolfeboro; former state Board of Education Chair Judith O’Brien Thayer of Manchester, former Goffstown GOP Chair Pamela Manney and businessman Chuck Stephen of Manchester.

(Earlier Granite Reports follow.)

SATURDAY, APRIL 26: HEADIN’ TO TEXAS.  OK, so Rick Perry’s last rodeo in the presidential arena didn’t work out so well.

But it’s a new cycle and some Granite State activists feel that Americans – especially New Hampshire voters – are willing to give a guy a second chance.

If he wants one, that is. And it seems like the Texas governor is considering another White House bid.

There’s only one way to find out, though, and that’s to visit with the man and talk about it.

To that end, Granite Reports has learned that about a dozen New Hampshire activists and officials plan to head to Austin in about a month to meet with Perry and listen to his thoughts about Texas’ economic success – and yes, just maybe talk about 2016.

Organizing the pilgrimage is Mike Dennehy, the veteran GOP strategist known primarily for his success with John McCain’s two New Hampshire primary victories. Some of those making the trip supported Perry’s last presidential campaign, and some did not.

Dennehy, we understand, has agreed to help Americans for Economic Freedom, a group created last year by political operatives close to Perry, as Perry travels the country promoting Texas as a top place to do business. Dennehy is aiding Perry and his team in broadening the Texas economic message into a national one.

Perry this week spent three days in New York wooing businesses to the Lone Star State. He also challenged New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to a “thoughtful” debate on which state is better for businesses.

Americans for Economic Freedom is airing a 30-second television ad in New York appealing to business owners during Perry’s visit.

“If you’re tired of New York, there’s an option: Texas,” Perry says in the spot.

Perry has said he will decide next year whether to run for President.

When the Granite Staters get to Texas, the 800-pound gorilla in the room will be Perry’s gaffes during the last presidential campaign, and how he will work to get past them should he run again.

Perry has often called his last effort a humbling experience and has joked about it.

“I believe that people will give him a second chance if he decides to run for President,” Dennehy said. “That is the nature of America and that is certainly the nature of New Hampshire.”


CRUZ MISSION. As Ted Cruz makes an important visit to the first-primary state this weekend, it’s interesting to note that he’s the Texan that more Texans favor as presidential material, at least at the moment.

A Public Policy Polling survey in Texas about a week ago had Cruz leading the field as the choice of 25 percent, with former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush at 14 percent. Perry trailed with 10 percent, tied with former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and U.S. Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky.

For Cruz, the weekend visit is more important than his appearance at the Freedom Summit back on April 12. This time, Cruz is here on his own and will begin to test his tough, conservative “outsider” message with New Hampshire Republicans.

In our exclusive pre-visit interview (posted elsewhere on, however, we found a “kinder, gentler” Cruz, one who is willing to adhere to the Reagan adage that if you agree with someone 80 percent of the time, that person is your ally.

Cruz, as we’ve reported, will appear tonight at the Carroll County Republican Committee Lincoln Day Dinner and on Sunday will speak at a private reception in Manchester for the conservative advocacy group “Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire.”

We understand that, as one would expect, Cruz will have at least one private meeting with grassroots activists and possibly some more well-known Republicans. A meeting this afternoon has already been set up with activists in Derry. 


GUINTA AND TISEI. Frank Guinta has not changed his position on abortion and marriage, his campaign says. It says he remains staunchly pro-life and he also supports “traditional marriage.”

Why is that news? Because questions along those lines were being asked following word that Guinta has teamed up with Massachusetts congressional candidate Richard Tisei to form a new joint fund-raising PAC, called the New England Majority Fund.

It’s not unusual for elected officials or candidates to collaborate for joint fundraising committees. It’s a way for donors to continue giving to candidates after they “max out” in giving to the individual candidate’s campaign committee.

Usually, the candidates involved are like-minded, however.

In this case both are fiscal conservatives, and that, according to the Guinta campaign, forms the basis for the alliance.

But Tisei is openly gay, is in a gay marriage and is also strongly pro-choice. He went so far as to skip the Massachusetts Republican Party convention in March in protest of its socially conservative platform.

But Guinta spokesman Jay Ruais said in a statement to Granite Reports, “Frank is a principled leader, and his position on these issues remains unchanged.

“Richard and Frank are both running against individuals who supported ObamaCare and Nancy Pelosi’s reckless fiscal agenda that has left millions of middle class Americans out of work and without access to affordable health care.

“ Unlike Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter, who continues to avoid her constituents, and refuses to hold open forums, Frank is willing to work with folks he may not agree with 100 percent of the time.”

Guinta’s position on abortion appears to have evolved since his days in the New Hampshire House. In 2002, as a state legislator, he opposed a parental notification bill for those 16 years of age or younger seeking to have abortions.

But by 2010, when he first ran for the U.S. House, he was strongly pro-life and also supported the Defense of Marriage Act.

THAT NEW AD.  A day after Republicans accused Sen. Jeanne Shaheen’s campaign of telegraphing to a third party group possible content for a new television ad attacking Scott Brown as a tool of Wall Street and “big Oil,” the Senate Majority PAC, headed by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, began airing an ad with a similar theme on a local television station, at a cost of about $212,000.

“Scott Brown’s carrying some big oil baggage,” the ad says. “In Massachusetts, he voted to give oil companies big tax breaks. They make record profits, he collects over $400,000 in campaign contributions.

The ad continues, “Now Brown’s shopping for a new Senate seat. In oil rich Texas? The oil fields of North Dakota? Nope, Brown wants to bring his big oil baggage to New Hampshire. Scott Brown: out for himself and big oil at our expense.”

The Brown campaign says the whole situation is ironic given Shaheen’s push for The People’s Pledge to keep third-party spending out of the race.


KIMBALL’S SUPPORT. Former state Republican Party chairman and longtime Tea Party leader Jack Kimball continues to support Cliven Bundy, despite Bundy’s well-publicized racist remarks several days ago.

Kimball, while not condoning Bundy’s comments, says the standoff between the federal Bureau of Land Management and Bundy and his supporters (including Rochester’s Jerry DeLemus) is the  bigger story.

“I’m not sure of the context” of Bundy’s comments, Kimball emailed us. “But I would be very suspicious due to the source of the article (the New York Times. Bundy did not back away from the comments later in remarks to other media.)

“Either way,” wrote Kimball, “this does not change the underlying issue with respect to BLM stealing and destroying a man’s personal property as well as brutalizing several members of his family.

“This is not the first time this has happened.  In fact, it has been happening on a regular basis.  In this instance, Mr. Bundy decided to make a stand.  That’s why there is so much attention focused upon it,” Kimball wrote.

 (John DiStaso is news editor of the New Hampshire Journal and the most experienced political columnist in New Hampshire. Watch for live updates of his Granite Reports column as news breaks. He can be reached at and on Twitter: @jdistaso.)

Author: John DiStaso

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  • JoeKlip

    As long as Perry doesn’t think the USA has 57 states, he is okay on my book. You got to a complete fool to think the USA has 57 states. Surely American will never vote for that type of nincompoop into the White House. I could be wrong.

    • MiamiEddy

      Romney lost by becoming more liberal Democratic and Barry like. Mitt needed to have kept his strong conservative values.

      • endthefed76

        Civil Unions ruined his chances before he began.

        • boyfromthedwarf

          The 47% comment did the most damage. Obama didn’t even need to campaign after that.

          • Klaus

            And now 53% believe neither party cares about them. Looks like 0% left for the GOP in 2016.

          • Doa74656

            That’s why I invest in precious metals lead and steel

          • Bigearsbarry

            Even if it was true. Once you announce that you’re running, consider every word you speak as being recorded.

      • Klaus

        Is that how you win elections in Taxachusetts, with strong conservative values? Romney is the father of ObamaCare. He’s not even a Christian.

        • KirkBoi41277

          Mormonism is a denomination within Protestant Christianity.

          • Woodrow Wilson

            Nice try! I didn’t know that christians believed that god lives on a planet named koleb and when you die you become a god of a planet, whoops.

          • KirkBoi41277

            Some Christians do believe that and they are called Mormons.

            Just like how some other Christian beliefs seem weird or strange like the existence of Purgatory, Holy rolling (in the aisles!) and snake handling as some instances.

          • Doa74656

            Who gives a Shiite as long as they aren’t flying planes into buildings or act like godless heathens and occupy public places and defecate on police cars

    • boyfromthedwarf

      So many grammatical and spelling errors, yet you criticise the POTUS for a single gaffe.

      • Quasi Quirky

        BEWARE THE FEDERAL GRAMMAR NAZI: boyfromthedwarf
        If you don’t meet his standards, YOU MEAN NOTHING!!

        • boyfromthedwarf

          If he went after the POTUS on policy I wouldn’t have mentioned it, but he’s guilty of the same thing (written mistake/oral mistake) which makes it pretty damn hypocritical.

    • Woodrow Wilson

      Your selective outrage is noted, tard.

  • Diogenes1949

    Perry can plot and scheme all he wants. As long as he supports amnesty for illegals – and insults the majority of Americans who oppose it, he does not have a chance.

    • Klaus

      I can’t wait until all the Mexicans that Perry imported for his “Texas Miracle” turn Tejas into a Blue state.

      • HarryObrian

        Texas is already a blue state, Plano has been the headquarters for the liberal movement for decades. They just report it as a red state to keep the sheeple convinced of the lie.

        • chris

          You should see Austin. Land of the Prius and Subaru with an Obama sticker.

          • Michael Dillon

            What’s wrong with a Subaru?


            Urban myth sez Subies are gaay cars. I disagree…

          • chris

            It’s not the car, It’s the people in Austin that drive them. If you have to ask, you don’t get it.

          • Michael Dillon

            Yeah I had to ask, I have a Subaru Outback and I am very conservative. Wasn’t sure what the connection was.

    • HarryObrian

      Under Perry’s watch Texas has been allowed to be taken over by the commies as NH was many many years ago (see RINO Ayotte) so who in their right conservative mind would even consider Perry a conservative, never mind an alleged conservative group from NH (an oxymoron for sure)???

      • John (magnum)

        I will vote for Perry if he should get the nod, just to keep another from the dem-wit party from destroying America at a faster rate !

        • SandraDoes

          There is no lesser of the evils. Perry is for immigration reform. That will destroy our country.

        • Fritz Head

          That’s why we are in our present position. The “lesser of two evils” just doesn’t cut it anymore.

          • John (magnum)

            In total agreement ! That and compromising with the devil….errrr I mean the dem-wit party !

          • A_lawyer_who_knows

            Thanks for fighting the good fight John, and Happy belated Father’s Day if applicable

        • laura m.

          Many conservatives have decided not to participate in voting which is a corrupt system anyway. We also don’t need a Bush dynasty or Clinton one either. America is over with; the ship has sailed. All we can do now is get our house in order and brace ourselves. Politicians are corrupt to the core.

    • kamiller42

      Perry’s belief is if you seal off the borders, most of the debates around illegal immigration start to dry up. You create a non-issue by closing the borders.

      • Dan_o

        Can you point out where and when he said that?

        • kamiller42

          “We can have these discussions and debates and — about immigration reform, but nothing matters. Those things really don’t matter until you secure the border.”
          “But the issue is about border security. That’s the failure of Washington, D.C. You cannot have a discussion about immigration reform if you don’t secure the border.”
          ” But it’s all for naught if we do not do what the federal government is supposed to be doing, which is securing our border.”

          He has said likewise elsewhere.

          • Dan_o

            Thanks. I’m not sure what to make of Perry. My Rino meter goes up to about a 5 on him (10 being McCain). He’s been pretty good for Texas but he is soft on some things and made some bad decisions along the way.

  • manny

    democrats in the media will be pushing for perry, christie and bush. why? they can make fun of and humiliate all of them against hillary….vote for somebody the leftist media won’t be able to destroy – america is ready for it’s first hispanic president – ted cruz

    • MiamiEddy

      Very, Very Democrat Party LIKE.

    • endthefed76

      Perry could actually beat Clinton, that’s why he’ll never get close to the nomination, unfortunately. The other 2 jokers would make perfect ‘straw men’ candidates for her.

      • boyfromthedwarf

        Perrys inability to remember three pivitol elements that represented his entire platform was enough to (diservedly) reduce him to a third tier candidate, a laughing stock.

        Incidentally, Perry 2016.

        • HarryObrian

          Perry is no one, just another name from the obscurity that is Texas….

        • Texan

          I guess you mind has worked perfectly 100% of the time, right? Evidently not. Check your spelling in your post – – deservedly.

          • boyfromthedwarf

            Who gives a fuck.

          • purple1960

            LOOKS LIKE YOU DO ,,,,,DOLT….

    • boyfromthedwarf

      Cruz worked for Bush. What makes you think he’s any different?

      • T.J.

        Another Clinton, too. Yawn…

        • Klaus

          You owe America a second Clinton for the second Bush y’all put us through. Then we call a truce and rebuild on the ashes.

          • HarryObrian

            Those ashes will be you and the rest of the middle class, totally non-rebuildable, just a 3rd world future for the US now.

          • Doa74656

            Oh yeah 5% unemployment and $1.75 gas really scuked

      • teridavisnewman

        Cruz is the real deal.

        • Pb2Au

          Yep. Real nuts. And fortunately, according to all the polls, most American people realize that.

          • purple1960


          • Doa74656

            Oh yeah a guy that believes in individual liberty and personal responsibility That’s fcuking crazy talk

      • Doa74656

        So? His father was Reagan’s VP Does that make Reagan less than what he was?

    • Klaus

      I’ll vote for an American for my President over Canadian Cruz any day.

      • HarryObrian

        But you voted for a non-American the last two times….

      • Doa74656

        Pfffft whatever Larry…. Larry kenobi

  • blacknblue2

    Ah I do wonder? Will the Republican big wigs roll out another loser? I won’t vote for the worst of two evils anymore. They either start giving us good candidates or I don’t vote for them.

    • endthefed76

      They are the Dem Lite party.

    • rainwash

      People like you are why we got Obama.

      • Klaus

        If you vote for the lesser of two evils, then you’re voting for evil. Elections are your opportunity to choose which salesman you’ll be getting to sell you the same globalist agenda. You imagined that Bush was the lesser of two evils, but he still signed Ted Kennedy’s No Child Left Behind in 2002 and Al Gore’s incandescent light bulb ban in 2007. Does it matter if we got ObamaCare instead of national RomneyCare or RobertsCare? People like you are why we got Bob Dole in 1996 and John McCain in 2008 instead of a conservative like Alan Keyes. But, you couldn’t bring yourself to nominate the “dark horse” instead of the “sure thing”, could you?

      • Chic Magnet Bailey

        No, its because of the GOP that we got Obama. Its being ran by a rouge group that controls the candidates. Out of thin air Jeb Bush is accepted as THE candidate of choice! I know MANY who said they will NOT vote for ANYONE this party pushes. If the GOP wants me to continue to vote for their candidates then dammit put someone who REPRESENTS US and get rid of the RINO’s.

        • HarryObrian

          Funny but no one realizes that their vote means nothing anymore especially when Soros is counting the votes…

    • HarryObrian

      Instead of not voting it would be better if you voted for the communist candidate like Killary. It will at least give them a false sense of security.

  • Mike0oSS

    Never gonna vote for another establishment repub…period.

    • General George Washington

      Rick Perry isn’t conservative enough now? Holy S***!!!

      • HarryObrian

        Been to Texas recently? Take the trip, you’ll be surprised at how liberal it has become under the Perry watch. The guy is either blind, stupid or a liberal at heart.

        • kamiller42

          I live in Texas. What I witness and what history shows is you are wrong. The Texas legislation has become heavily Republican under his watch. Texas turned from the Ann Richards style Democrats to Perry Republicans.

      • Doa74656

        How could he be if he supports amnesty

    • Kathleen3

      After GWB, McCain, and Romney my mantra became: If the Party endorses them I won’t vote for them.

      • Klaus

        Bob Dole and Gerald Ford weren’t enough proof for you? No New Bushes!

        • Kathleen3

          I was still living in the post-Reagan phase; i.e., believing all Republicans were Reagan-like. Now that you mention Dole and Ford it is a sober reminder of the dire consequences of living in a fantasy world.

  • MiamiEddy

    Ricardo run on the Mexican Republican Party ticket with your support of amnesty for law braking illegals.

  • John Markel

    Oh goody. Another republican elite who cares nothing for the impact of massive third world invasion on normal people; the ones who work and get screwed out of taxes to fund this or that progressive pipe dream only to have their children pushed out of the way by ever more constructive victims of past discrimination.

    • boyfromthedwarf

      One who thinks that gays shouldn’t have equal rights…

      • Thrush

        Silly boy, you have the same right as anybody else to take in in the rear end.

        • HarryObrian

          They just want community property and shared benefits under their guise of whining about marriage.

      • HarryObrian

        I’ll assume you’re talking about gay marriage aka, shared benefits… Marriage is not an inalienable right and all other rights are just legal rights which are subject to public opinion and are not equal. ie. affirmative action.

      • Doa74656

        Awwwww poor you
        Are you still butt hurt about the gay marriage thing? Well perhaps you need to get it through your empty head that marriage is between a man and a woman What you need to do is come up with something that’s similar and made for you abnormals Perhaps you can call it Abnormal Unions or some shite like that

  • jrt
  • Quasi Quirky

    what’s funny is Nuevo Yorkers will move to Texas to be free of taxes and regulations, but they will vote as democrats in 2016.

    • percy

      They have been and are still doing that in Florida for ever. Even vote in both places and after they are dead.

    • Klaus

      Why not? It’s the smart move. They’re just rugged individuals looking out for themselves. You dreamy-eyed “conservatives” are always bleeding-heart for what’s best for society as a whole.

      • percy

        If you live and work in a sewer all your life why would you want to move to a better place and then foul it up so that you can wallow in the sewer that you have created in your new “better’ place? You actually admire/approve of those kind of people? I feel for your family if you have one because if you think that way you will certainly come before your wife and kids. It is all about you!!!

        • Klaus

          It’s Darwinism. Survival of the fittest. The cockroach survived millions of years longer than the Constitution did.

          • percy

            Maybe your Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrate grandfathers were cockroachs, but not mine. But you are right the cockroach does live in a sewer.

          • Woodrow Wilson

            You think like a nasty cockroach though

          • percy

            Oh Woodrow, are you one of those people that lived in cities like Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago, NY, Newark, etc. up north? You lived and worked there until you retired, electing those ‘progressives’ year after year then came south for a vacation renting a condo and said, ‘this is nice and clean I think I will move here for my golden years’, so you come down, at age 65 or 70, and vote for the same type ‘rugged individuals ‘ klaus likes so much because they just look out for their own well being. He, I guess admits as you must that ‘it is all about ME’. Neither of you would lift a finger to help a friend, if you have one, and as for your family, it is all for you and Klaus, your wife and kids and parents are weak and they get nothing from selfish men like you two.

        • Woodrow Wilson

          NO one comes from a sewer. Your opinion of others not from ‘merica’ reminds me of the early 20th century progressives and KKK.

  • thetnrebel

    i would probly vote for him over any democrat.. but i will have to take a barf bag with me.. I can not stand to the he has allow texas to become a police state

    • Klaus

      You might need that bag to wear to get past all the face-recognition street corner cameras on your way home from the voting booth.

    • Woodrow Wilson

      Nice, your avatar is the flag of the demorats

  • ClaudeinSocal

    He sides with Jeb Bush on Amnesty for illegal aliens. Never going to get my vote.
    Besides, Jeb Bush’s health care company is cashing in on ObamaCare also.
    & besides he is a Bush. That is also reason enough to never to vote for him or Rick Perry.

  • Disco Obama

    No thank you.

  • ©₦@®£€$ ₣€N€¥

    Rick has that nasty little scandal back in 2004 when his wife caught him in bed with his Secretary of State, Geoff Conner that he’ll have to “keep in the closet”!

  • Christopher Gadsden

    We all saw him stammer like a dope when put under pressure in the debates. And a lot of us aren’t going to forget how he said Gardasil shots for teenage girls was the law.

    • rainwash

      Yet you voted twice for an incompetent moron with no experience.

      • Klaus

        No Bush Left Behind. Who is the dim-wit who signed the incandescent light bulb ban in 2007?

      • Christopher Gadsden

        Why would you call the esteemed Doctor Paul and “incompetent moron with no experience”?

  • Christopher Gadsden

    He’s just a RINO with a drawl to help cover his pseudo-libertarian schtick.

  • hank_reardon

    Here is the pecking order so far for the likely 2016 candidates for President from highest rated to lowest: Ted Cruz, John Kasich, Rand Paul are the top tier. Bobby Jindal and Scott Walker make up the second tier. Rick Santorum, Marco Rubio and Mike Huckabee form the middle tier. The lowest tier comprises Rick Perry, Chris Christie and Paul Ryan. And the no way in hell tier consists of Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush.

    • Klaus

      Your pyramid is upside down. A second Clinton vs. a third Bush is what America deserves. But the foreigners who own America will never run a Clinton against a Bush because their bloodlines are too royal to lose. Whichever one gets their party’s nomination is the winner. Barring a life-threatening illness, that’s Hillary. Bank your 401K on it.

      • hank_reardon

        You might be surprised what average Americans think when the proverbial mask is ripped off the progressive movement that runs both parties. Or perhaps you could be correct instead. Who is John Galt?

        • Klaus

          Ayn Rand was a misanthrope, a genocidal Malthusian. A progressive is someone who wants the lives of his children to be better than his is, that their standard of living increases. People need to eat. They need either jobs that pay a living wage or welfare. If you cut their welfare, then you have to spend the money to expand the police state to stop them from getting something to eat. If a free market existed, then the wage being offered by the buyer of labor would be equal to the wage demanded by the unemployed to provide the labor. Because there are no tariffs, and because American employers are allowed to break the law and import illegals to provide labor for them, there is no free market.

          • hank_reardon

            Ayn Rand had her flaws, sure she did. I won’t argue that. But your claims are way over the top. As for your beloved “Progressives” I hope they are achieving everything they set out to do in YOUR very own household. So your freedom is not something you are born with or God given but something you must achieve. Your freedom shall not be tied to self-preservation and pursuit of happiness but by the fulfillment of human capacities. Your consent is not needed for their rule. They know far better than Klaus because Klaus is well, he is not nearly advanced enough. What you earn is not really yours, and what you built, you didn’t really build that. Yeah you get the picture people. And I did not even get into their arrogant views on foreign and domestic policy. But their track record fails them miserably.

          • Feynman

            Ayn Rand was right about 99% of her philosophy. The only flaw was her insistence on Atheism; though I understand why she did so: faith isn’t based on reason.
            For matters of economics, I turn to Milton Friedman.
            Klaus, a true free market will take care of these things. Government intervention, including regulation, and redistribution of wealth (i.e. welfare) will never allow a free market to exist. As long as government has the power to decide winners and losers, a free market will never exist.

        • Heywood Jablomie

          John Galt is a fictitious character in Ayn Rands famous book, Atlas Shrugged. Now ask that question to 100 typical Americans and only 5 out of 100 would know who he is. That is how far the US has sunk… The US is more like the film Idiocracy than people would like to admit…

    • Heywood Jablomie

      Who the hell is John Kasich? Somebody that no one ever heard of doesn’t stand a chance in the primaries…

      • KirkBoi41277

        He was in Congress for a long time and also he doesn’t bow to the ‘Diversity Crowd’ that much either. He appointed 22 Whites to his Cabinet. I am sick and tired of ‘Diversity’ and want someone like Kasich around.

        He will get a good long hard look from me in the Republican Primaries as I think he would be a good candidate against Hitler-y Clinton.

      • zonable

        Governor of Ohio, who also had a show called “Heartland” that decried liberal socialism. I’d pull the (R) switch for him.

    • zonable

      Jeb and Hillary should run on the same ticket. They’re just alike.


      Maybe Hitlary picks Jeb as her running mate…

  • chris michael hmapton

    i’m throwing my support For U.S.Sen. marco Rubio R-Miami,F.L. For president of the united states of america to repeal obamacare permantly across america,to also crack down on sexual assults,rapes,sexual harrassment,dating violence,domestic violences at all colleges and universities permantly across america now, and to help stand with israel to go fight the war on terror to goet a stronger national defense to help keep america strong and make america a blessed nation again with 1 nation under god permanty across america and to preserve,protect and defend the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic to keep america strong as well.

    • Heywood Jablomie

      Screw that RINO. If you support Rubio it must be because you feel some allegiance to hispanics in the country, legally or not. Rubio doesn’t haver the cajones to be POTUS. Hr should be registered as a Dem and not with the GOP.

    • zonable

      Rubio sold us out by joining McCain, Gramnesty, et al, on the Amnesty train. No way will I support him.

  • factsearch

    nwo rino hack. do not hire.

  • Pb2Au

    Please run Perry or Cruz. You all couldn’t make it any easier on us Democrats than these two nutters. One is pretty stupid, the other extremely intelligent, but ultimately both are as crazy as it gets.

  • nick

    Stop! You might have been a good governor in state that is tuff to be conservative. You have no chance!

  • Heywood Jablomie

    Perry is a boob that showed his ignorance during the 2012 campaign. He’s ok as a governor, but I wouldn’t want the guy as POTUS. In other words, he doesn’t stand a chance of getting the GOP nomination, PERIOD.

  • Edward Boothe

    If we had elected Rick Perry when we had a chance, the whole world wouldn’t be blowing apart right now; but that would have taken more intelligence than we obviously have in this country.
    A majority of the people in this country are willing to trade their freedom for free things, and we are all going down with the ignorant ones.

  • KirkBoi41277

    We need another Texan in the White House.

    • Heywood Jablomie

      I’m good with that as long as it’s not a Bush…

  • Zuni3

    Should Perry decided to run in 2016; it would behoove him not to hire former McLame or now Romney campaign staffers like he did in last attempt.

    They brought him down

  • rusty shackleford

    Rand Paul is my first choice, but Perry would be my far second simply because everyone else is even worse.

    • Bodhi Sattva

      Rand Paul is just as much a nazi as the rest of them. Wake up

    • David R Priest

      Ted Cruz over Perry any day.

    • eaglechick

      You are aware Rand Paul endorsed the Rino She Person Senator from Maine, Susan Collins, yesterday and also Mitch McConnell from KY. He stated he did not think Obamacare could be rejected. He suggest it be voluntary. Please tell me why you think he would be so great. Look at the people he is endorsing and their records. A troublesome path he is taking.

  • Jim Foles

    Who is sending his campaign money??

  • Brudah Zacharias

    Perry has 2 chances of the partys nomination= slim and none

  • robin hood in perverse

    The Tea Party Candidates should not criticize one another and crap and crap some more on Democrats and Rhino’s.

  • Bodhi Sattva

    Mr Bilderberg NWO can’t even remember how to speak lest we forget.

  • potusWORTHLESS

    I despise ALL politicians!!
    The only good democrat, is one that is not!
    Anti-American racist PUKES!!!!

  • SickOfItAll

    Perry is a NWO Bilderburg phony who just wants to pimp the ride. Changed his personality and looks during the 2012 campaign but could never disguise his sh*t-for-brains, just like Obama. All hat and no cowboy. Shooting off his mouth about how Texas can secede and a few months later when TX legislature tried to pass a bill criminalizing fondling by the TSA and fed gov threatened to blockade TX airports, Perry caved like a little girl. If elected, he’ll be a globalist dummy like Bush and just like Obama will have a non-stop parade of celebrities and millionaires through the WH and flying around to exotic golf courses on our dime.

    • SickOfItAll

      Also, Bachman was right – Perry told Texans that the Guardasil shot was required by law (when it wasn’t) and people took their daughters in and got it. Teenage girls started getting sick and dying. Meanwhile, Perry was invested in the pharm company that made the shot. He was Ag Comissioner before governor and snuggled up with Big Ag, especially Monsanto. Worried about GMO’s? Forget it it under Perry – he’ll just transfer the entire USDA over to Monsanto and we’ll have GMO everything. Growing a garden or raising farm animals without a license from the fed gov will be illegal, heirloom seeds will be flat-out banned. And Perry will go along with all this not because he agrees to it but because he’ll be easily bought with fancy trips and movie stars.

  • David R Priest

    I am live in Texas and feel like we have much better choices than Perry ( Paul / Cruz ) . That being said, He was no more a failure in 2012 then Hillary was in 2008. The comparison between him and Hillary show how much media bias influences our perception of conservative candidates by conservatives despite us claiming that we don’t listen to the media.

  • Florida Jim

    Rick Perry came across as a dunce in 2012 and I see nothing about him to vote for. Texas is doing well but these fools are going to lose Texas because of the immigration bill Obama/Boehner are working on to steal America from true citizens and give it to Obama-dolts who will bankrupt everyone and having Obama crying race as the reason not his lousy policies and endless lies.

  • Ford289HiPo .

    Gov Goodhair is at it again. He doesn’t have an better chance now though. He’s still Bush-lite.

  • clarinet

    This dimwit has no chance. Just go away and take Sarah Palin too.

  • Fritz Head

    Perry won’t get any further than he did in 2012

  • lone dog

    Dream ticket for democrats in 2016 would be perry/cruz or cruz/perry. I would LMAO.


      Cannot happen. By law…pres and vp must b from different states.

      • lone dog

        Cruz is Canadian or did you forget.

  • Frank__Lee

    I really hope this goofball gets the nomination and picks that mental case from Alaska as his running mate. Talk about a landslide!

  • Texas_Tea_Time

    One of Perry’s advisers is an ally of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. The same Zuckerberg who went in all in with pro-amnesty RINOs like Haley Barbour. Their Orwellian named organization “Americans for a Conservative Direction” ran non-stop amnesty commercials on conservative radio stations trying to sell the House RINO plan to us proles. They really do think we’re that stupid. Rick Perry is a good man, but he is not a conservative. Only rock-ribbed conservatives can salvage what will be left of our Constitutional Republic.

  • martialmedia

    Perry is nothing but a big talking do nothing blow hard. He’s worthless. I can’t wait for Abbot to take over. Maybe he’ll be more than just a whoopee cushion!

  • Jane

    Give a Dumb As * another Chance…no way…

  • Phil Kammer

    I am of the belief that the GOP RIHNO’s have flipped sides to the Democratic Party out of a joint agreement to unite the United States into a one world government. People we must vote out all RIHNO’s they no longer support conservative principles.

  • General George Washington

    So Rick Perry isn’t conservative enough now? For 2016 go all out. Nominate a conservative who wants to ban all abortions – even in cases of rape, incest, and the life of the mother. Ban all open gays from the military, and reinstate DADT. Round up all the illegals in the whole country and kick them out. And someone who thinks starting a war with Russia is a good idea. Good luck conservatives!

  • ravitchn

    Perry’s biggest negative: in all too many ways he seems a clone of George W. Bush.

    • Retired_Marine

      I could stand a clone of George Bush over the dimwit we got now

  • mr nuggets

    Have lived in Texas all my life. Trust me, Perry is just another big business paid for politician. He’s done a nice makeover on his image recently. Now wears black shirts and hipster glasses, Kimmel and other talk shows and suddenly talking about pot legalization ..but it’s just that ..image.
    If you like the travesty that is Obama and the big govt Bush’s ..then you’ll get more of the same if you vote for Perry. ..just sayn

    • dougtheavenger

      Perry talks like a Republican and steals like a Democrat.

  • Notch Johnson

    I’d rather have Cruz but the courts will have to rule on his eligibility.

  • NewsJet Magazine

    Good Afternoon

    Go for it we support Perry,Bush,Cain. and West.


  • Scooter

    He’s mentally deficient.

  • timedonkey

    Come on down to Texas and see how to do the modern version of slavery, last in education, healthcare and first in prisons. Texas is controlled by the same of thugs that stole it from Mexico and now want to criminalize their old victims.

  • Steve Stunning

    I’m not happy with Perry for the nominee, but I held my nose and voted for McCain over Obama, and I would vote for a deceased cadaver over Hillary Rotten Clinton. That said, I would be enthusiastic about a Ted Cruz run for the White house.

    • Dave

      Perry is a good Conservative, he would do well if he won. The problem is whether he will have a brain freeze again during the campaign.

      • dougtheavenger

        Or a brain freze during the next crisis with Russia.

        • Dave

          Umm…we are talking Conservatives buddy! They don’t have that problem. Democrats don’t know to deal with Russia or any other country.

          Democrats are too sophisticated to handle countries that act like they are in the 19th Century.

      • Steve Stunning

        Dave my only reservation about Perry is the “so called” immigration issue, which is really illegal alien amnesty, not immigration at all.

        • Dave

          Agreed, everyone has a weakness I guess but Perry would still be a huge breath of fresh air compared to the current times.

          This economy would turn around overnight with Perry or any other Conservative!

          • Steve Stunning

            Well, in my original post I said I would vote for a deceased cadaver before Hillary, or any Democrat for that matter. No doubt I would vote for Perry. As far as turning around the economy “overnight” I don’t see that happening no matter who follows the fraud from Kenya. I think we’re in a deep hole that’s going to take a couple of terms to dig our way out of.

          • Dave

            That is not agreed upon. This economy is just waiting for somebody to come in and cut the taxes, eliminate Obamacare and repeal the Dodd/Frank noose! That is all that it will take. Nobody is going to invest while these job killing laws are out there hammering away at investment.

      • Feynman

        Conservative? Rick Perry? Lol! Let me refresh everyone’s memory:
        R.P. Supported:
        -DREAM Act
        -TARP bailouts
        – La Raza
        – Sanctuary Cities in TX
        – Mandatory HPV vaccine for junior high girls in TX
        – NAFTA / Trans-Texas Corridor
        – Extending medical benefits to non-citizens across the Southern border

        I can go on if you wish..

        • Dave

          I don’t know what half of that stuff is but he is still far superior to Barack Hussein Obama!

          • Feynman

            True. But do you think the direction our country is going will change course if Rick Perry is president? Or Ryan, Rubio, McCain, Romney, Crist, Christie, Jeb Bush, ….
            I could keep going here as well.
            Our political system is broken. Until it’s politically profitable for politicians to do the right things, they will never do them. Elections will not fix a broken system.

          • Dave

            You are correct of course. I don’t think we can vote our way out of this either. Even the election process is broken and so how can you even get started?

            The country needs to be reset to its founding…short of a revolt, I don’t know that it is possible anymore.

  • Goreloon


  • PLT_3004

    Republicans never learn; if they don’t run a conservative, people stay home on election day. If I were a Democrat I wouldn’t worry because the choice of the Karl Rove party is going to deliver the election to the DNC.

  • Grumple

    Perry needs to give it up. He’s a white guy and white guys are a thing of the past for being an American president. The next president will be female. Could be from either party.

    • Papa_oo_Mao_Mao

      Ummmm….if you don’t call Obama black, I won’t call him white.
      His mother was white, he happened to have a black father.

  • dougtheavenger

    Rick Perry is a turd who gives special treatment to illegal alians while inviting native born Americans who have committed no crime to leaveTexas.

    • Papa_oo_Mao_Mao

      Yep….he’s as bad as bush was.

  • RarefiedSnotress

    “Rick Perry’s last rodeo in the presidential arena didn’t work out”.. but comeon back to beat that there dead horse now, ya hear?

    • Papa_oo_Mao_Mao

      Yep….as bad as a retread Hillary eh?

  • Retired_Marine

    You can tell liberals are terrified of Rick Perry.

    Rick Perry’s leadership made Texas exempt from the democrat depression brought on from electing liberals in 2006.

    If you like unemployment vote democrat.

    • Papa_oo_Mao_Mao

      What is his tough stance on illegal immigration?
      He’s not another Bush is he?

    • edneedham

      libs would LOVE a Perry nomination. Or Cruz.

  • SoWhatBubb

    Perry is no conservative. He’s just another lifer political hack.
    1. Perry, as a democrat liberal, headed up Gore’s campaign in Texas.
    He switched parties to Republican as a career move.
    2. He has called the building of a wall on the Texas border with Mexico, “ridiculous”.
    3. He has supported the Comprehensive Immig. reform scheme, otherwise know as “amnesty”, like did McCain and Bush. He is an amnesty m0nkey.
    4. He avoided the Texas legislature, and via executive order, was set to have all 10 Yr. old girls inoculated. The default was inoculation, requiring the parents to take affirmative action to protect their children. When the Texas legislature came into session, it immediately over rode the Perry Executive Order.
    5. He was a strident supporter of the “corridor” scheme, allowing Mexican commercial trucks to enter the USA without the standard border inspections.

    Perry is definitely squishier than his A&M credentials would suggest.

  • canarycoal

    pretty please….pretty please with sugar on top….let Rick Perry be the GOP nominee…the one man that makes George Bush look like an intellectual giant

  • Bob Leahy

    No thanks!

  • MAC59

    Gardasil vaccines put him out of the running for me. Forcing a potentially dangerous drug on people by law is simply heinous. That makes him the same as any other corrupt politician kissing corporate America’s butt.

  • Bob Leahy


  • Jim

    Perry would make an awful president, I’d rather see Rand win the nomination.

  • Cincinnatus

    Perry is FOR AMNESTY. That is a non-starter for me. If the RINO leadership keeps its current stance on … well … nearly everything, then I am for a PURGE. We will NOT fall for the “banana in the tail-pipe trick” anymore. We will do as the RINOs did last time – not support those with whom we disagree. Bye Mitchy, bye Boner, bye Ryan, bye Charlie McCarthy

  • dasdf

    OOOPS!! Did you think we forgot after a few years?

  • granddad1

    Personally I do not like the slate of candidates that are being considered. We are more that 2 years away from the Presidential one and should be concentrating on Nov 2014. Sen. Cruz is one of an extremely small number of elected officials that has stood his ground and held onto the principles upon which he was elected. Thus far he is the only potential candidate that has proven to be honest and trustworthy. Hope he may remain so committed.

  • jlbusm

    I think he should have another chance he cant be any worse than the morons on the dummycrats side and some republicans like chris christie or jeb bush

  • Feynman

    No, Rick. That’s a bad monkey. No get back in your d@mn box.


    Perry is the product of the Bush family and Karl Rove. What more do you need to know.

  • Twoiron

    Perry is NOT a conservative. He is better than a handful of full-throated progressive Republicans, but doesn’t hold a candle to raft of true conservatives.

    I am liking the idea of a Sessions/Walker ticket, myself. Jeff Sessions is the real deal for conservatives. Scott Walker is a bit of a progressive, but will carry gravitas on the ticket and has a Midwest following.

  • bradford cutler

    I’ll make the announcement for you…He is running in
    2016. Usually an external factor like a
    disgruntled wife deters someone from running for a high office like this, but
    in this case for whatever reason his wife is actively encouraging him to
    run. The next critical issue would be
    funding the campaign. Are you kidding me?,
    this is Texas in another oil boom era care of the new fracking technologies
    being deployed. There will be plenty of
    money to grease the skids. This will be
    a well-oiled machine if you get my drift.
    As to the gaffes, that depends on how much pain medication he is taking
    at the time. Brain infarcts, stuttering
    and complete loss of memory could be a problem in the debates again, we will
    see about that. By the way, if you want the ultimate NW0 corporatist, this is your kind of guy because that is Rick Perry in spades. You get what you pay for and he will be paid a lot, I can promise you that, from every well funded special interest group imaginable. It will be another golden age for monopolies and international mega-corporations. So, the bottom line is….he is running. The big money is counting on him to do so.

  • f0rtylegz

    Please, please, run! We need the laughs.

    • HarryObrian

      Which fool or fools is/are going to waste 400 Million supporting him for prez??

  • Feynman

    Almost everyone is missing the point. Elections no longer matter, because the System itself is broken. You can elect the most virtuous man on Earth, but once in office, he will be subject to the same pressures as the previous president.
    All politicians; including the president; will always do what is most politically profitable (assuming they think they’ll get away with it). They don’t give a d@mn about the Constitution, or breaking the law, or even doing the right thing. Until we fix the system, Republican, Democrat, Liberal, Conservative: machs nicht. Whoever we elect will be subject to the same pressures and influence as the guy before him.