First ad of NH primary asks ‘where’s the birth certificate’?

New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary is off to a slow start this cycle. But that is not stopping one candidate from hitting their airwaves a year out.

Self-proclaimed “king of the birthers” Andy Martin has released his first ad, which will begin airing on WMUR’s “Chronicles” news magazine program on Thursday.

He’s pretty excited about it.

“Wednesday we are going to release an advertisement that I believe is going to be a ‘game changer’ in both the Republican and Democratic Parties. Yes, both parties,” Martin said in a prepared statement. “The ad is going to initiate a process of undermining and delegitimizing Barack Obama that could possibly bring Hillary Clinton back into presidential politics.”

“I think the ad is that good. Many think it is the most ‘Reaganesque’ ad they have seen since The Gipper’s own commercials. The ad certainly will not hurt my claim that I am the candidate who is most capable of duplicating the Reagan Revolution. That’s why I call my campaign the ‘New Ronald Reagan Revolution,’” he continued

“Now all we need is the money to saturate the air waves,” Martin added.

Author: Staff Reporter

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  • NH Citizen

    Andy Martin (Anthony Martin-Trigona) is not a Presidential candidate, he’s a circus clown… a dangerous, litigious, anti-semetic, racist, delusional circus clown.

  • forgotit

    … … “Obama’s mystery links to Gadhafi uncovered … Prez fails to call for dictator’s removal
    despite reports of attacks on citizens” … Posted: February 23, 2011 — 8:22 pm Eastern | by Aaron Klein … … Just a thought here, fellas: … … … Ya’know(?) — this could all be over, — if ‘Team.Obama’ were to be legally-compelled to publicly “show” their
    ‘Legitimate’, ‘Long-Form’, ‘Hospital-Generated’, ‘Birth-Certificate’. … Of course, “they” ought to have been required to prove their ‘U.S.’ Natural-Born citizenship BE-E-eee–FORE the election –not– DURING their time serving in the ‘Office’. … — — — O.K. ….. write me off as an idiot. … ( ….. for all practical purposes, — the designation is largely “correct”. ) … But at what point is ‘everyone(?)’ going to be persuaded that regardless of anything else that may apply to ‘me’ –or– to “Birthers”, — ‘Team.Obama’ is “hemlock” to ‘The United States of America’ .?? … At what stage of the “noose” getting ‘tighter’, and ‘tighter’, and ‘tighter’ — are we all going to finally say; O.K. — that’s ENOUGH. … … …

  • Guest9

    As a Republican myself, it’s pretty hard to make us look more idiotic than we already do. Andy pulls it off. I dont like McQuaid much but he nailed it on Andy: “What a tube steak”!

  • Anonymous

    Every time a Birther speaks, a dem gets another independent’s vote.