Fireworks at Annual Republican Meeting in Meredith

Members of the State Republican Party had to wait five hours to vote for the position of Republican National Committeewoman to replace retiring Committeewoman Phyllis Woods, the only hotly contested election on Saturday.

When the dust settled, Juliana Bergeron squeaked by Pam Tucker, the Deputy Speaker in the New Hampshire House of Representatives, by a five vote margin 175-170.

The race between Bergeron and Tucker had been getting nasty in the days leading up to Saturday’s vote with Tucker and her surrogates calling Bergeron a RINO (“Republican In Name Only”) though they couldn’t point to anything specific in Bergeron’s record to support their allegations.

Meanwhile, the National Organization for Marriage ran full-page advertisements in the four top daily newspapers in New Hampshire on Friday listing Rep. Pam Tucker, along with 86 other Representatives, as having “betrayed” Republicans and “abandoning marriage” for voting against repealing gay marriage on March 21. The Republican Party platform has an entire section devoted to “protecting marriage and family” and “marriage as the legal union between one man and one woman.”

Tucker and her supporters frantically tried to claim that she was, in fact, against gay marriage. However, she had problems supporting her argument having voted against a committee amendment supporting the repeal on the one roll call vote she participated in before leaving the State House in the middle of the debate to volunteer for a Lenten service.

Tucker supporters remained bitter following the vote as they continue to send emails around to Republican activists alleging Bergeron’s lack of passion for conservative issues.

Republicans are hoping that time will heal these most recent wounds in a year in which they have the best chance of winning back the Corner Office in Concord.

Just before the Committeewoman vote, Skip Murphy made a last ditch attempt to unseat Republican National Committeeman Steve Duprey who had no official challenge until Murphy’s nomination from the floor. Duprey won handily with Murphy picking up only 68 votes.

Earlier in the day, Republican Party members made several bylaw changes. The first change was a reaction to the ousting of former Republican Party Chairman Jack Kimball who had been removed by the Executive Committee of the Republican Party last year.

The bylaws will now require a two-thirds vote of the Executive Committee to remove an officer rather than a simple majority, as was necessary to remove Kimball.

New Hampshire Republican will now begin preparing for the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida from August 27 through August 30.

Author: Staff Reporter

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  • Jeffrey C. Nesbitt

    I couldn’t in good conscience vote for either since Tucker voted against the repeal of gay marriage, a blatant vote against the party platform, and Bergeron has openly declared that she has no use for the party platform especially on the matter of social issues. Both have proven themselves to be RINOs by their words and deeds, especially Bergeron. The Republican Party has lost its roots not only here in Cheshire County but nationally as well which is more than evident in its less than justifiable support of Romney. I have been a registered Republican for 45 years but given the direction of the Party, I can no longer identity with the Party and will be changing my affiliation to Independent.

    • C. dog e. doG

      Hey Nesbitt –
      Want to try elucidating the raison d’etre for the legalization of heterosexual-only marriages in the Grate State of NH?  If you would be so kind, cite relevant text in the origination papers for NH, Inc. for such powers, and for extra credit, present a spirited defense of why adults need Nanny to supervise their “life-long” hook-ups, and how this differs from the time before Nanny became so nettlesome in this and other regards.
      – C. dog tracking RINO’s across the fruity plains of America

      • Jeffrey C. Nesbitt

        C. dog,

        1) I have no desire to get into a fruitless exchange with you nor anyone else concerning the self-evident proposition that marriage is to be between one man and one woman. The proposition has always been a PRE-supposition throughout recorded history in nearly every society including the US. It was embraced de facto either by Biblical law or natural law.

        2) One of my objections to homosexual marriage is that the government has taken upon itself to legislate gay marriage, effectively redefining what every person knows by nature to be against nature itself and by doing so elevating a certain group to having a privileged status which has always belonged to those qualified to enjoy a sacred union.

        3) The NH Republican platform, Article VIII is perspicuous in the matter in stating that marriage is to be restricted to one man and one woman. Thus it is one of the official principles which defines what a Republican is. Those who oppose this principle or any other should seek political affiliation elsewhere. If the Republican Party desires to change its core principles it is certainly entitled to do so. However, at present the current platform holds to the biblical, historic and traditional definition of marriage.

        4) Juliana Bergeron stated:

        “I support the platform in its entirety. I particularly like “Republicans will uphold and defend our party’s core principles: Constrain the federal government to its legitimate constitutional functions, unleash the power of enterprise, innovation, civic energy, and the American spirit – and never pretend that government is a substitute for family or community.” I am a Republican. I will uphold and defend the platform.” SOURCE: But the dissimulation in this statement should be obvious to anyone who cares to read discerningly. IF the government should is not a substitute for the family… then obviously, there should be no laws governing marriage but, a) this is exactly what it has done by enacting a LAW enabling homosexuals to enter into a union which has heretofore been restricted to heterosexuals without a written law, b) if the government should not be allowed to legislate in matters of family, then what is to prevent polygamy, marriage to close relatives, marriage between humans and animals, etc.? and c) it is contrary to the Repblican Party’s platform.

        5) Lastly, to make clear the hypocrisy of the RINO philosophy; conservative in fiscal issues but liberal in social issues, if an alleged Republican were to embrace liberal fiscal issues, e.g., socialism or communism but hold to conservative social issues, that individual would be run out of town on a rail. It is the social issues which many, if not most find objectionable, despite the fact that both the national and NH state Republican platforms hold to socially conservative values.

        I’ll let you have the last word along with all other detractors. As I originally wrote, due to the liberal shift in the Republican Party which is contrary to the conservative position of its official platform, I am disassociating my affiliation with the party.

        • C. dog e. doG

          As usual, Nesbitt –
          You staunch Republicans (non-RINO’s?) misread my question virtually every time.  I did NOT ask why the Nanny State should legislate homosexual marriages, or not, I asked why Nanny should bother us legislating marriage at all.  As a token of my appreciation for preserving nomenclature, I’ll even toss you a bone that marriage is a heterosexual affair between two or more humans (might want to read your bible a bit more carefully on the numbers allowed in the blissful garden of nuptial delights).  So, can you answer the questions as originally asked?

          And don’t worry your pretty little head; I would never officially belong to any prostitution that sells it principles for institutional preservation.  Republicans always profess a deep and profound adoration for Freedom, yet every time Lady Liberty lifts her skirt, the nominal freedom-fighters go running to Nanny to force the Lady back into her shackles … and to pull down her skirt!
          – C. dog always prefers his ladies as tramps, preferably in pairs

    • Fred Leonard

       If you think Pam Tucker is a RINO, you’re ill informed…check her voting record…and she didn’t vote against repeal of gay marriage!…the GOP is more than just about one issue anyway…when republicans wake up to that fact, we will be all better off!

  • Pam Manney

    I wish Juliana Bergeron the best of luck in her new role as National Committeewoman representing NH at the National GOP. We should all support her and let her know we are behind her 100%.

    • Fred Leonard

       Here, here!…I didn’t vote for Juliana, but she is our new Committeewoman, so let’s get on with the business of electing republicans this fall!

      • C. dog e. doG

        Better yet, let’s get on with the dirty business of dismantling the Nanny State.  I’m sick of vacillating between Vanilla Bean and French Vanilla.  Of course, with Romney the RINO at the helm, I’m afraid we’re stuck with Vanilla Bean.
        – C. dog prefers Mocha Java supreme